Winter's Warmest

Grab your coat love, you’ve scored

Words: Dylan Muhlenberg | Photography: Rudi Geyser

Finding the perfect outer layer couldn't be easier when you shop Superbalist’s range of jackets and coats, which includes on-trend bombers, parkas, trenches, furs and the new silhouette for 2016, the sleeveless jacket.

But what if you can only have one new coat this season, which do you choose, and then what do you wear it with, and will it go with anything that you already own? In case these questions were on your mind, we enlisted a pair of fashion mavens, Bee Diamondhead and Tara Lee McNulty, to answer them – and more – then asked them to style and model our new jackets and coats.

Bee Diamondhead is a woman of many hats (and now coats?) working as a fashion editor, stylist, creative consultant and youth and trends expert. She has green hair, seven tattoos, 13 piercings, and nails on point. A graduate from the London School of Fashion, Bee has always been better-dressed than everyone around her, and with over a decade working in the fashion industry has produced work for Dazed and Confused and Vanity Fair amongst others.

Emerging style blogger Tara-Lee McNulty has an aesthetic that would take most years to define. Getting her kicks from finding and sharing the inspiration around her, Tara-Lee works as a freelance visual designer where her background in interiors, graphics and photography makes for a finely tuned eye for the finer things in life.


Available in various styles that include classic, long-line, cropped, boyfriend and slouchy, the 90s icon’s timeless silhouette makes it the go-to jacket for every girl, with plenty of fresh new takes on this classic

Tara-Lee: This would work for a sporty girl. Definitely worn with a pair of high-waisted jeans or a baggy shirt-dress and a sneaker. You can rock it with pretty much anything. It’s comfortable, casual and something to keep in your car for whenever it’s a bit nippy. I feel very comfortable in this and the fact that I can still move easily is nice.

Bee: I want one in every colour. I like how it was menswear and the proportions are changing, and it can be chic or casual. I think Kim Kardashian might have made the bomber famous – she makes it look so sexy. But any woman can wear the bomber: Jada Pinkett Smith would look good in it, and then Willow could borrow it. It goes across the board. I dress up quite often for work, in a lot of high heels and super-tight dresses, but then I’d put a bomber over that. There’s the whole Grease thing, how the Pink Ladies tagged the name of their crew to the back of their jackets. Squad goals!


Because it’s essentially a new silhouette, it's understandable that the sleeveless jacket can be somewhat confusing, but this trans-seasonal saviour is perfect for our moderate climate and great for layering. We’re loving the neutral tone options to create minimalist looks, because even in the most demure colours it’s still a statement-making coat for those autumnal outfits.

Tara-Lee: I’m super tiny in my waist with bigger hips and legs, so if I’m romping around in jeans and a crop top I’d generally like a long layered thing just to hide the junk in the trunk. I like that it’s sleeveless so in summer you can wear it as a kimono and in winter you can wear it with a polo neck. It’s very cool and would suit every body type. It’s one of those things you add on to whatever you’re already wearing.

Bee: This is for the skinny woman with skinny-ass, Angela Basset arms. I’d wear it with something slightly longer underneath, in different colours so that you can differentiate the sleevelessness. They’re quite chic so it’s a nice thing to wear to work, especially if you’re running around all day, as it’s not too heavy. I remember when Kim was pregnant and I kept on having whole conversations with anyone who would listen how she was into sleeveless coats and also not really into them.


This is not your grandmother’s fur coat, and the people at PETA won't hate you for it. No need to decimate a glen of woodlands creatures to stay warm – faux fur offers the same plush luxury and makes even more of a statement when given the new graphic treatment.

Tara-Lee: I’m literally always hunting for vintage furs and have picked up incredible stuff, like my crazy Cruella de Vil vibe. I don’t know if someone died in it, but I wear it to death. This one of yours is as eccentric and awesome. I’d wear a simple cami type swing dress, like a little black number, underneath. I initially styled it with boyfriend jeans, dressing it down, but it actually looks much better with the high-waisted black skinny. Fur can be a bit 'poppie' so I wore platforms to grunge it up like the Olsen twins do so well.

Bee: “Tell PETA my mink is dragging on the floor.” Classic Kanye. We're okay with wearing leather, and if you've ever put on real fur... Working in London I would go sourcing at Prada and Tom Ford and try things on and it feels like God has swallowed you whole. Like literally everybody with the biggest and best hearts in the world are giving you all the hugs. Here I’m doing a sports luxe look because we’re open to a bit of crazy. A little bit of magic. This fur is like magic dust with its colours. It’s that last thing you sprinkle on at the end.


As Parisian as a breakfast of Gauloises, the trench is a wardrobe essential invented by a Brit, Sir Thomas Burberry, who has gone on to sell millions. Another coat we inherited from the World Wars, the trench protects us from the wind, cold and rain, and is the uniform of both adventurers and corporate drones working in the western world.

Tara-Lee: Sophisticated and chic, this would look so good on an Alexa Chung type, but can also work on any shape and size. You could wear it to work or casually with sneakers or boots, some high-waisted jeans and a polo neck. I’ve layered it with a textured dress that’s similar in cut. I wouldn’t usually put it together because of the length, but they really worked well together. Here I’m playing on that grunge Olsen twin vibe again.

Bee: I really enjoy styling people in trenches because it looks so chic. That Burberry London look. As a protective layer it’s rainproof and functional, old-school and safe. I can see a CEO in a trench. The trench is a classic look and I don’t think it’s something you should go too crazy with. A crisp white shirt, dark blue jeans… that Kate Moss long and skinny London look.

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As functional as it is fashionable, the tried-and-tested parka is the warmest outer layer option; an insulated jacket that protects the torso, arms and head from harsh winter air by keeping body heat close to the skin. This season it’s even more of a must-have as we march to the beat of the military trend.

Tara-Lee: It’s quite Plain Jane, so wear it with a T-shirt and skinnies, maybe joggers... Very festival and very warm, but also good for everyday wear. The parka has got such a future-proof design that it works with all age groups and suits everyone. I’d want to show a little bit of skin, some femininity, so if I was wearing it with a plain T-shirt then I’d tie a knot in it. Or maybe a T-shirt dress underneath with sneakers.

Bee: Like the leather jacket or the denim jacket you’ve had forever, a parka is something you can't go without. It can take a beating and is perfect for when it rains and you don’t want to mess up your other stuff. And it’s so timeless. Not the most chic option, and if I wear it to work it’s probably because I’m on location. That way if I need to take it off I can just tie it around my waist. If I were travelling I’d take a lightweight one that can roll up and pop into a bag. It doesn’t matter if it’s creased. The Parka has stayed standard for a minute now. People tried yellows and pinks and that didn’t really work out. But the blues are nice. Blue is a colour that’s slept on. Navy head-to-toe – levels. Rihanna is a huge fan and wears them so well. It’s part of that festival, road-trip, travel look and can be jeans and T-shirt but also shorts and pixie boots for, like, a desert look.

If you’d like to play dress-up like our fashion mavens Bee and Tara-Lee, then why not get some girlfriends together, order all of the coats, drink some wine and find what works for you. There’s no charge on delivery or returns so you can simply return whatever you don’t want. The mall is dead.