Pack Like a Stylist

Keep calm and pack a carry on

Long weekend travel plans coming up? Don’t let excess baggage weigh you down. We asked two Superbalist stylists and fairly frequent flyers to come up with their ultimate long weekend outfits, and then share their holiday packing and travel tips with us. Unpack this.


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“You have to be practical,” says Mira Leibowitz. “So look at packing the type of items that can have at least two different vibes. Like this grey dress: if you swap out the white sneakers for heels and throw on a leather jacket, your daytime outfit is ready for a night out.”

Dresses are key to packing light and the leather jacket is crucial for bringing an edgier feel to a very feminine look. So how did Mira decide on this stuff?

“Usually when packing I’d just figure everything out in my head, but if you want to get it right the first time then I’d suggest that you lay everything out on your bed before your trip and make up the various outfits that you plan to wear. Snapping a pic for your Instagram with #HolidayGoals goes without saying.”

Good tip, as is Mira’s packing advice: always pack your shoes in first. In pairs and on their sides. Then fill them up with things like rolled up belts and chunky jewellery, filling in the gaps with socks and rolled up T-shirts before placing bigger items, like jeans and jackets, on top.

And then because shoes make an outfit you should always throw in a pair of pristine white sneakers, which are the building blocks of good style.

“You want practical things for your weekend getaway,” says Mira. “White sneakers, sunglasses, a hat and the little camera case clutch for your walking-around money.”

Mira insists that you shouldn't pack your hat in your luggage however. Wear it on the plane instead, and:

“Always check in online the day before and book the seat you want. Take headphones with you to block out babies and Chatty Cathy’s. Make sure that your phone is charged because you’re nothing without your phone. But that’s a life rule and not just a weekend-away rule, actually.”


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“I’m going to Joburg this coming long weekend,” says Gavin Collins. “It’s great to visit Joburg when all the Joburgers go on holiday.”

Gavin’s hard-working duffel bag is filled with the type of thing that’s comfortable but also stylish, stuff like:

“Pretty badass Flyknit Air Force Ones, a basic T-shirt in a tan/sand/fluorescent beige… and a suede Bomber Jacket for on top. This particular Bomber is the usual classic shape but in a really interesting texture that will be sure to get people coming up to you and rubbing you. Then I’ve got some classic straight leg jeans, a bucket hat and a pair of Spitfire sunglasses. Oh and the army green undies and some quirky socks – stripes on fleek!”

According to Gavin you want to select items that have personality, but also remember that comfort is king. That said, be sure to pack the type of thing that you’d actually wear because far too often we pack stuff that we’d never wear at home and end up returning home with unworn items that did nothing more than take up precious space.

“You should focus on transseasonal items that can match up to the weather and transition easily from day into night. You’ll find this easier if you stick to a colour palette of no more than three shades, that way your weekend wardrobe will work together and you’ll be able to build outfits more easily.”

What else?

“Take an extra pair of sunglasses with you because they’re essential to being holiday-ready; and then don’t underestimate the ziplock bag. These are great for things like chargers and headphones and adaptors. You really don’t have space to include a birds nest in your suitcase. Oh, and be a diva on the plane and demand things. Or just be really nice to your parents and be on their Discovery Diamond status.”