The Mixtape Vol. 46

Meet The Expressionist a Renaissance Man for the modern age

As The Expressionist, Anthony Bila is a creative of the highest order as well as something of a renaissance man, working as a fine artist, photographer, art director, podcaster, music producer, music artist, creative writer, content producer, social media strategist and consultant. Anthony puts this all down to the fact that he just loves to create. 

Music is and always will be his first love though. He only just recently put out some recordings of his feels, a body of work that includes an ode to The Fashion Freckle and a diss track for We Are Awesome

“It's the thing I remember how to do from my earliest memories without any coaching or assistance. I'd hear my mother or sisters sing from an early age and I just mimicked them. I'm testing the waters and finding my sonic voice again. I don't think anything I've put out is particularly good, or average even at best, but I don't care. That was the point, to put my thoughts into the world, however raw and unrefined. To lose that fear of man. That's the name of a forthcoming project I'm working on. It's self-produced with some beats from Ootz Tha Afronaut and Soulfaktor of BIG FKN GUN.” 

And what about this mix you’ve put together for us?

“It’s like the tip of my current musical ice-berg. It overwhelms me sometimes how much new music I consume. I always try to introduce people to new music. We’ve got Anderson Paak, Swell, Shiloh, Tessa Thompson, Max Wonders, Keita Juma, BIG FKN GUN, River Tiber and a lot more. There's also a beat of mine in there somewhere.”

So what’s really exciting for you in music right now?

BIG FKN GUN is poised to drop a highly anticipated EP called Funeral, it's going to ruffle a lot of feathers. Manthe Ribane's EP with OKZharp was also really different and I can't wait to hear what else they have coming. South African music is general is just of a really high calibre and 2016 is going to be no different, there are a lot of young and emerging talents that will continue to disrupt what we think we arleady know about what it means to be a musician in South Africa. The Uncultured Club music project will also be coming sometime this year with my compadres Chisanga and Nicky, with it's own sound and voice. So that'll be exciting to explore, but for now my focus, among other things, is my Fear of Man EP and completing that with as much honesty and bravery as possible. Regardless of public opinion.