The Mixtape Vol. 36

Roastin' Records spins the best summer sounds of 2015

You never really own an MP3. Just think about how much music you’ve lost over the years whenever upgrading your iPod or changing laptops. And don’t even get us started on CDs… Now a vinyl record, well that’s the most satisfying music purchase you can make. And here's why: there’s the attractive album art, the sheer size of the thing and how it forces you to listen to entire albums the way the artists intended, and not just cherry pick singles.

Problem is, you can't exactly lug your catalogue around with you while you're on holiday. Which is why our vinyl maven, Wentzl from The Eye, put together a bunch of tracks that you can carry with you on holida. Whether you're roadtripping, couchsurfing or just cruising around your hometown while on staycation, these are the tunes that will take your summer to the next level.