Hit the road

Dusty roads, young love and leather seats

Words: Philippa Crooks | Photography: Sabrina Scott | Styling: Jared Blake

Wind down your window, feel the breeze through your hair. Let’s get out of the city, let’s take a drive to anywhere.

This story has a seriously 'Badlands' meets Bonnie and Clyde feel. They're young, they're in love and they kill people. Okay, without that last bit. Although if looks could kill… 

This is your classic story of lovers on the road, but without the shower of bullets or flying off of a cliff at the end. Obviously. Our antihero and his Juliette hit the road in a post-party daze after a weekend away and instead of the Great Plains of America, the protagonists churn up the dust in a local wilderness. This particular stretch of gravel road, with its vast open space, was the perfect backdrop to our love story, and will remain a secret.

Back to the story - the landscape rolls by in hypnotic repetition and with nowhere to be, they pull over to take it all in. The ocean breeze tangles their hair, their eyes caress the serene surroundings and they notice that there is nobody else around. Wearing mismatched combinations of last night’s clothes they don’t care what they look like, and it’s not like the clothes stay on for long. Immersed in idleness; the desert is the only witness to what goes down on the back seat.

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The photographer

Superbalist’s Junior Art director, Sabrina was our photographer for the day. She doesn’t usually get the chance to be so involved on set, but executed her vision on a Ricoh KR-10 film camera – as old school and sexy as the red Mercedes getaway vehicle.

The models

Barbara and Phillip had never met before but came together so naturally in the intimate scenes – you would think they had been a couple for years. Barbara is from Brazil, working in South Africa for the season, and Phillip is studying fashion design in Cape Town.

The stylist

Working his usual flair, our stylist Jared tells us that his focus here was seduction, and that by creating intrigue he keeps you wanting more. Yep, we definitely want more. So if we contribute petrol money – next time can we come with?

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