Sunny Side Up

Peep the latest sunglasses styles for men and women

Words: Melly Neil | Design: Sabrina Scott

From Audrey Hepburn’s cat-eyed Oliver Goldsmiths to Steve McQueen’s collapsible Persols, sunglasses have helped establish some of the most iconic looks of all time. Little wonder then that the biggest icons of our time, who in this writer’s opinion are Kurt Cobain, Lady Gaga and Kanye West, all employ sunglasses to not only shade their eyes from the sun and the flash of the fambulb but also to maintain a level of mystery, detachment and cool that wouldn’t be possible with simply a cardigan, meat dress or Kardashian. Don’t believe that sunglasses can enhance the physical? Here’s a celebrity co-sign you simply can’t ignore:

“With my sunglasses on, I’m Jack Nicholson. Without them, I’m fat and 70.”

On a less superficial level, sunglasses are a highly functional accessory that protects the eyes from ultraviolet radiation and blue light and, going back to good looks again, because you’ll squint less they’ll prevent crows feet, too. Which particular pair you wear is a matter of choice, but some simple rules to follow are: round faces should choose rectangular shapes, large faces need larger styles and if you’re an asshole then by all means wear your sunglasses at night. Our collection of sunglasses range from vintage throwbacks to the latest styles, all of which are available in a variety of colours and sizes for both men and women.


The distinctive teardrop-shaped lenses and thin metal frames were first introduced in 1936 by Ray-Ban. Lightweight and durable, they were part of the flyboy’s uniform, as a way to protect pilots from the hazards of high-altitude glare, and quickly spread to other military and law enforcement personnel in the United States. Peter Fonda in Easy Rider helped push the style to the mainstream where it continues to be a hugely popular and much copied silhouette. A true classic, these will always be in fashion and splurging on a pair can be seen as a good investment.


The timeless style that’s bang on trend has been worn by everyone from a peace loving John Lennon to Mickey from Natural Born Killers. Whether you’d like to channel the sinister or send out an aura of love is totally up to you. You could also make the style your own and feel safe in the knowledge that you’ll stand out when wearing this very cool and classic frame.


While tortoiseshell, black and brown sunglasses will always look good, sometimes you’ll want to add a pop of colour to your outfit. This is especially fun in summer. Just remember to find a colour that matches your skin tone and summer ensemble. If you’d rather dip a toe before diving right in, mirrorshades - sunglasses with a mirrored coating on the surface – can provide coloured lenses on more neutral frames. Some coloured lenses will even help you to see the world in a different light. Give it a go; change is as good as a holiday.

Cats eye

A very feminine frame with its distinctive up-swept style and curved lines give the face a flattering, feminine appearance. Whether you wear them to give yourself a hint of 1950s glamour or decide to go full Rockabilly in a polka dot skirt and upstyle hair is totally up to you. It’s like Audrey Hepburn says, “Elegance is the only beauty that never fades.”


First appearing in 1953 and worn by countless celebrities, from James Dean to Bob Dylan, The Rat Pack to John F Kennedy, the Ray Ban Wayfarer achieved mass appeal after Tom Cruise slid onto the scene wearing them in Risky Business. Today it’s the best-selling style in history due to the fact that they’re flattering, suitable to most face types and have been worn by the coolest of the cool and everyone else.