The Mixtape Vol. 33

Superbalist shutterbug Nick Gordon has an exclusive mix for you

We’ve been working with Nick Gordon for a while now; guy’s a Superbalist Day One and the founding photographer for The Way of Us. And because we work so closely with Nick we often overhear him discussing some of the more technical aspects of music with the DJs and producers that we’ve featured in the past, like Thor Rixon and Markus Wormstorm.

Anyway, we said, “Why don’t you make us a mixtape one of these Mondays, Nick?” and he pulled a usb drive out of his skinny black pants, saying: “I thought you’d never ask!”

Then we were like, “Woah, Nicholas, what else don’t we know about you?” and as it turns out, quite a bit."

Turns out Mr Gordon (that's Nick's dad) was super into music and made a fair share of it back in his day, passing on the gift of noise to his son by buying him some drum quits. This helped Nick, who was a pretty angsty fellow, blow off some steam and ushered him into some punk bands. While misspending his youth at a club called Gotham, which peppered all the punk and metal with industrial techno, Nick met a German who schooled him in everything that was happening in Europe and then Nick’s good friend Tom, who he now sometimes makes music with, got him into mixing.

So what’s your DJ name?

I’ve been playing around with the idea of "Flat White" but I can't say anything has stuck for too long.

And where do you usually play?

To be super honest I don't really, I've played a show or two but there really isn't a huge audience for the kind of music I want to play. Hopefully thats going to change come Jan next year when I’m hoping to get a monthly party going. 

You collaborate with some other DJs, right?

This mix was all me, but I do make music with two other guys, Tom and Andrew, and together we are trying to get that night going. We call ourselves "FREE MDMA" and want to push underground electronic music. Nothing like what you hear at most of these outdoor things at the moment. Even most of the clubs play the same shitty deep house tracks everyone is buying on beat port. To be honest, at the moment the only people I think are really getting it right are the CTEMF guys. And we really want to change that.

Some big calls! What’s the vibe that you’re going for here?

Well my main thing is definitely techno but I really wanted to show a bit of diversity with this mix. I’ve been wanting to start a mix off with Mimoun Marhaba since I first herd it because it’s mega slow and, I guess, unexpected, but just a really beautiful track. Then the rest I wanted to build from house into something in between techno and house and then end strong on some industrial. It’s basically what I would listen to on a daily basis and the kind of vibe FREE MDMA are going for. We really love the hard stuff, but at the same time have a huge appreciation for everything that falls into the underground realm.

1. Maalem Mahmoud Guinia & Floating Points - Mimoun Marhaba

2. Percussions - 2011 until 2014 - 01 February 2014

3. Tom Trago - Brutal Romance

4. Lance Neptune - Janus

5. Sound Streme - Let's Break - Original Mix

6. Head High - Rave (Dirt Mix)

7. Zenker Brothers - Namuan

8. Oyvind Morken - Gnagsar I Hjernen

9. K-HAND - Sound 6

10. s vt - Dreams of Your Future

11. Joy Orbison/Boddika - Mercy