My Want List

Three French hens? Buy Tammy Tinker this stuff instead

Our style director, Tammy Tinker, lives the best life, either popping over to Munich for a beery Oktoberfest weekend or sunning herself on little Mediterranean islands that you’ve never heard of. When she’s not collecting passport stamps and making everyone jealous, Tammy’s planning her next trip. 

“I look like I’m tearing my hair out in the photograph, and I might be a bit frustrated, but this will all be over when I’m at my parents’ new place in Cintsa. Then I’ve booked a trip to Ibo Island for me and my boyfriend in the new year.”

Tammy’s wish list is an assortment of resort wear that complements her jetsetting lifestyle perfectly.


This is a beautiful black number that’s quite true to me. Something you can wear all year round. Depending on the occasion you can dress it up or dress it down. It’s the easiest dress to wear post-beach – light and wavy, and you just slip it over a bikini. Perfect for an afternoon G&T.


I love Pichulik! I did Kat’s lookbook when she first started and have watched her brand grow massively. I love her ethos and workmanship and I love her as a person.

Wash Bag

I love a bit of gold. Those simple little things that don’t usually get much thought should always be something great. I’d use this as a makeup bag to keep my tinted moisturizer and some eyeliner for a jazzy night out… Whatever I need to get from beach to bar. You got to be equipped. Worst-case scenario: if I need to go out and I’m in a rush, I’ll use this as a clutch.


I love the revival of the Stüssy brand. What can I say about this? Um, crop tops are in? It’s got good support so that I can be quite active on the beach? I don’t know.


A good sandal is a perfect resort staple. Flip-flops should be illegal. They need to be banned from every woman’s wardrobe. A sandal is a must though. These are inspired by Armani and because of the embellishment add some pop to a plain dress. 


I love capturing moments. I think it’s lame that people don’t print photographs anymore and would rather just leave them on their phones. I insist on printing my pics as I love having a reminder of my trips. There’s nothing more special than having a memory that you can hold onto.


I’m hosting a New Year's Eve pool party and this swan is the same size of my pool, but that’s fine. I love an inflatable. 


Another amazing décor accessory for my pool party. It’s so cheap you won’t even know you’ve spent the money. Scatter some of these around and it will upgrade your party instantly. 


I love Bennt. I love the simplicity of her design as well as the quality of her collections. She does things that you can wear every day and are also such great gifts for Xmas.