The Diamond Condition

Kirsten Goss Jewellery puts an irreverent spin on the special stone

Kirsten Goss’ motto is ‘Diamonds for the cool kids’ and to prove her point she’s invited her squad to participate in her brand’s latest video campaign, The Diamond Condition. 

“This is our consumer,” says Kirsten sipping a midday flute of champagne. “These are our cool kids. Everyone understands diamonds and whether you’re traditional with your approach to life or you’re quite kooky and on another tangent, you get what diamonds are. Our whole thing is to throw the concept of diamond on its head.”

The set is buzzing with crew and characters. There’s Brad Logan, Bronwyn Day, Jules Mackenzie, Earl Redcliffe, Nicole Grant, Lindsay Fisher, Deirdre Kronk, Chris Rosie, Casper, Kristin Winstanley, the Model Co girls, the Studio Hire team, Monica Rosie, Costume Hire, Fox McCann, Viola, Malcolm Kluk, Crystal Birch, Stiaan Louw, Leigh Schubert, Ruff Tung, the SCAR team, Stefania Moreland, Reg MacDonald, Pini Potgieter, Hippopotamus the surfing bulldog, Maaji, the Missibaba team and then the director, Clive Will, who will shoot for 12 hours straight. 

“We decided on 80 people with a very defined sense of personal style. I don’t care if they’re complete cutesy bookworm geeks, or punky girls, everybody here has an appreciation for design, style and, ultimately, quality. It’s the Full Monty of the human condition. Suggestive. Kooky. Outlandish. Cute. Classic. We have an 85-year-old woman and baby girl and then everything in between. Love it. It’s my squad. Our squad.”

The idea of people coming together to make art and doing things that are fairly non-commercial is important to the Kirsten Goss ethos, and so without any big budget and by pulling a lot of favours she’s followed up her award-winning brand film Arcade with something that’s just as creative. 

And it’s this sort of thing that makes Kirsten Goss more than just a jeweler, and is the reason why Vanity Fair listed her shop, after Clifton Beach and the Test Kitchen, as one of the best 10 destinations in Cape Town. 

“I think if a brand has layers, intrigue and a really interesting creative base then there’s a never ending energy that comes through. So it’s a lot healthier than if you’re focusing on just one aspect of the business, say, design, where your whole day is just spent on diamond rings.”

Kirsten Goss is all about diamond rings though, but it’s the diamond with a twist, where the stone is more approachable and less austere.

“We’re trying to make people feel comfortable. It’s not an intimidating, patronizing scene. Come in, have a look, give us your budget, tell us your info and we’ll work with you. It’s not the type of environment where you come in and immediately have sweaty palms thinking about remortgaging your home.”