#FOLLOWFRIDAY x Trinket Spotter

The blogger-turn-fangirl drops her list of Instagram headliners

Words:  Trinket Spotter

Wanna know what my favourite song on the radio is RN? I don’t have one. Ask me who my favourite music-making-party-shaking-visual-creating Instagrammers are and I’ll tell give you a list – and possibly link you to my 8tracks account (bindi not included).



What’s his vibe? Vibrant-electro-progressive-chillwave.

Why I’m groupie? When a single song inspires the whole squad to leave a packed 15-min-wait-at-the-bar to do a lil bopping on the d-floor, the festival gods bow. Bonobo’s beats are the raddest, his Instagrams are the maddest and I’d Penny Lane the heck out of him if I could.



Kunna Haan

What’s her vibe? Boho-festival-glamour-BABE.

Why I’m a groupie? ‘Cause look at her. Just LOOK at HER. Lawd. Kunna Haan slays! This enigmatic-electro lover organises and attends only the most notorious international events; the festival gods had her back at birth, omg. Follow her – you’ll be budgeting for a trip to Coachella faster than you can say 'double tap'.


Sophie Hannah Richardson

What’s her vibe? Mermaid-electro-badass-unicorn.

Why I’m a groupie? I’m pretty sure this chick invented the bindi – okay that was a joke, I’m not that dumb. you guys. But for realsies, though, she’s got badass moves with a blush brush and she knows how to work a glitter palette. Basically she’s my go-to for festival inspo looks ‘cause who wouldn’t wanna look like a bedazzled dolphin in the electro dome?



What’s his vibe? If summer were a DJ...

Why I’m a groupie? “I see fire” every time I check out his account (holla Ed)! Bad joke. But really, this is the account to peek at while you’re sitting at your desk tryna make some typography look sick when you’d rather be sipping on a your mixy drink pump bottle under a psychedelic shade cloth on a farm in the winelands. Weekend inspiration right thurr.


Visual Melt

What’s the vibe? Similarly, if design were a festival…

Why I’m a groupie? Simple. Creatives need inspiration. Music festivals are undoubtedly one of my favourite sources of inspiration for design work. The dancing, the dressing, the drinking, the freedom and obvs the performance and the sounds. There’s nothing quite as soul-inspiring as witnessing another human live their passion through performance and creation. Follow Visual Melt for some trippy tones and awe-inspiring aesthetics.