TWYM's #FollowFriday

The inspirational local Instagrammer, Ockie Fourie, lists his favourite follows

Ockie Fourie always enjoyed photography, especially when travelling, and this escalated after he got his first iPhone in 2008 and then joined Instagram two years later. 

His handle, The World’s Youngest Man, references British news-parody show, The Day Today, and is gaining popularity on the social media photo-sharing platform. 

“I try to attend a lot of the Instagram walks in and around Cape Town,” says Ockie. “They're fun and they get you out of your comfort zone and the locations you generally shoot at. Plus everyone shares a common interest. The bigger ones are always better, like the worldwide instameets. It's a great place to meet new Instagrammers or to put faces to people that you follow, but have never met.”

Is there much of a difference between shooting on film and on your phone?

The phone is always with you, so it's quick to shoot when you spot something interesting, but I'll always prefer shooting with my DSLR or mirrorless camera. There's that certain magic that the lenses create that the phone simply can't replicate. Not yet.

And besides manhole covers, what else do you enjoy shooting?

People. Every portrait is different. Some people are more than willing to have their photo taken while others are very reluctant. I enjoy shooting landscapes too, but capturing emotions ranks right up there. 

What are your tips for taking better pics and getting more followers?

The more you shoot, the better you'll get. If you have a good eye, you're halfway to taking a good shot, no matter what camera you're using. Then engage with others in the IG community. Use hashtags, but not too many and don't buy followers. Lastly, have fun with your photography. Choose a theme that interests you and make your account your own. This way your images will stand out from the rest.

Man I'd love to be @chrisburkard's assistant. He gets to travel the world and snap the most amazing landscapes this planet has to offer. Check out his account to see what I'm talking about.

@teaforbear's account mostly consists of images that are either tilted at a 45 degree angle. Such a great idea.

@hipebeast is one of my favourite local Instagrammers. Wayne captures Cape Town and its people in his own unique editing style. Another great account which is quite similar is the American @zero_311.

@jasonmpeterson is an ex New Yorker, now living in Chicago, which he calls "a darker Gotham". His black & white images are breathtaking.

@moography is another South African Instagrammer. I recently started following Anshuman and the time and effort that goes into his shots have definitely earned my respect. He was also featured by the tech website Mashable not so long ago.