Danielle Theron's #FOLLOWFRIYAY

The Superbalist super-producer lists her five faves

It's no secret that Instagram is my life. It is possibly the best social platform for inspo, visual stimulation and even making friends. Yes, I'm THAT millenial. Jks. Ps. I met my best friend through Twitter. Taking a break from my all black, witchy, Morticia aesthetic, I chose 5 colourful, aspirational accounts that I am OBSESSED with/stalk on the reg.

Marieke Merts

Who is she: My BFF

Her vibe: Ethereal Pastel 70's

Why I love her: I'm being biased, but I don't actually care. She is my best friend and also the greatest gal EVER. But all her lovely-ness aside, her page reads like a Sofia Coppola moodboard. Tones and hues of soft pastel teamed with beautiful imagery of flowers, outfits and our dream pink Mansion (we live in the same block).

Lazy Oaf

Who are they : My favourite brand

The vibe : Off beat clothing

Why I love them: As their bio says - Keeping it weird. Even if your style isn't as out there or eclectic you will want to buy everything. Also their lookbooks and campaigns are basically made in perfect, pastel, tumblr heaven. I mean who doesn't want a see through mesh tee with Casper The Friendly Ghost's face on it?


Who are they: Make Up for Unicorns
The vibe: Every shade of lipstick under the rainbow
Why I love her: I never go a day without make-up, especially lipstick. And Limecrime's selection is on another level. Matte black lipgloss that doesn't come off? UHM HELLO. Their inspo uploads are insane, and they've just released a special range just in time for Halloween.
Who is she: An upcoming tattoo artist from the UK
Her vibe: Tattoos, and all of the goals
Why I love her: I am a little obsessed with this girl. She has the most incredible voice, is hilarious (watch her vids) and she recently started tattooing (something I've always dreamed of doing). And let's not even joke, facially the girl is ALL OF THE GOALS. One day I'll fly up to the UK to get a custom Nancy piece. If you're into traditional flash keep your eyes on this girl.

Sita Abellan

Who is she: Techno Princess, Model and DJ 
Her vibe: The best outfits, and possibly THE best hair
Why I love her: Okay, Sita is everything I want to be when I grow up. Casually walked for Moschino at Fashion Week. Muse to Jeremy Scott. The best blue bob hairstyle. Possibly the coolest girl on the planet. Follow her, you'll be jealous and inspired at the same time.