Accounts to get you dreaming of summer and your summer wardrobe

Office babe Sabrina Scott schools us on the best-of-boho Instagram accounts on her radar. 

Mimi Elashiry

Handle: mimielashiry

Followers: 782k

You may already be following her on Instagram and if you're not, you should be. Mimi is a self-made model from Australia, who has internationally blown up, launching her own swimwear line Cheeky Swim and becoming an MTV style icon. Her account is truly authentic, not your typical model account with endless selfies and professional photo's. There's style inspiration, healthy eating inspiration, SO MUCH INSPIRATION.

Melodi Meadows

Handle: babynative

Followers: 131k

Melodi is an artist, photographer, model and stylist.  Her account is like a work of bohemian art, filled with dreamy film images and her own vintage rock 'n roll styled outfits.


Amy Scheepers

Handle: amy_scheepers

Followers: 16.9k

Amy is a local style blogger, photographer and former Social Media Manager here at Superbalist. Her feed is curated to perfection, and you can expect to find ethereal images of her roaming the inner city in bell-sleeved blouses and suede mini's.

Natalie & Dylana Suarez

Handles: natalieoffduty and dylanasuarez

Followers: 284k in total

Natalie and Dylana are the perfect sisters. Based in New York they live the lives of bloggers, models, stylists, photographers and singer songwriters. Natalie's feed is filled with photo's from her 'model off duty' on-the-go lifestyle and Dylana, shares much of the same, living and working all while looking good in the big apple.

Free People

Handle: freepeople

Followers: 2.1m

Possibly the biggest and best bohemian brand, this is kind of an obvious one. If you haven't spent time on their site, carve a couple hundred hours out your day and go and explore.