Totally Tubular

Marrying sport with style, adidas Originals' Tubular has one foot firmly in the future

Now while nobody can deny that the Stan Smith and the Shelltoe are legends worth celebrating, and how it’s nice for those who didn’t manage to cop OG versions to get in on the action now (because everyone deserves a second chance), sometimes adidas can be ever slightly so guilty of leaning too much on their archive.

Well last year adidas proved that this is definitely not the case, when they came up with a new silhouette developed by the team behind the Y3 Qasa, which was designed for a more fashion forward consumer, the Tubular.

Hypebeasts will bleat that the Tubular was actually first launched in 1994, and they’d be right, sort of, because if you look at what we’re getting now it's plain to see that although they share a name, this is a very different shoe.

That shoe was inspired by car tires (where the Tubular technology allowed runners to customize the amount of cushioning in the heel using a hand held pump to inflate the shoes U-shaped Vibrastop outsole) and this new Tubular is from the future.

With a monochrome colour palette, eye-catching EVA sole unit, sock-fit upper and subtle nods to adidas’s most popular archive technologies: ghillie lacing system and the ZX7000s heel-cage, the Tubular's disruptive silhouette pushes the boundaries of traditional footwear design and signals the latest evolution for adidas Originals.

The clincher? You don't even need a Dolorean to cop a pair.

Ultimately the Tubular is a bold sneaker that was born in sports and raised in fashion, and has been designed for the fashion-forward sneaker freaker to build their looks around.