Anthony Bila's #FOLLOWFRIDAY

The Expressionist shares his favourite Insta accounts

Anthony Bila is the dude. We had lunch with him when he was shaking up Cape Town and he couldn't even finish his burger he was talking so much. Videos, music projects, photography... The slashie has been on our radar for a while now and we look forward to working on more collaborations with him. In the meantime, here's who inspires the dude who inspires us. 

The Uncultured Club

Handle: theunculturedclub

Followers: 137

This is a joint account I share with @coolcoolbeverage and @Iamnixpix where we can be irreverant, irrelevant and not characterised by good taste or manners.

The Artidote

Handle: theartidote

Followers: 114k

Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable, I find a lot of comfort and peace in the work of other artists, I guess it says a lot about me.



Followers: 100k

There is so much learning, inspiration and salvation in this account for me, the quotes from some of the worlds most talented creators across disciplines

Berlin Artparasites

Handle: berlin.artparasites

Followers: 62.3k

One of the best curated ‘grams I’ve found, it reminds how much talent there is in the world and that trying new ways of doing old things is the best way to create.

Art News Africa

Handle: artnewsafrica

Followers: 52.1k

This account is all Africa, all the time and the African art diaspora it covers inspires me to want to collaborate and create from an African reference, always.