The Mixtape Vol. 22

Nick Frost has some coffee for your earballs

The first album Nick Frost remembers buying was a Nirvana greatest hits compilation. “The one with the solid black cover,” he says. "Really great. I think I might still have it somewhere as a doorstop.”

His last music purchase was the latest Bring Me The Horizon album, That’s The Spirit, which he says is mind-blowing. He bought it in digital format so that he could review it and a few days after this interviewed Matt Keane on the telephone.

Yep, there are people out there who actually pay for music. 

Maybe it’s to do with Nick being a pretty decent guy? Writing for an agency in Woodstock called Derrick, which specialises in sustainable brands, Nick is an adman with a conscience.

“Forget selling booze to the bottom of the pyramid; we sell fresh air from the top.”

He then runs his own blog, The Brothers Frost, and blogs for Capetowners every now and then, and recently started up a rad little NPO called DO GOOD with some talented friends. 

But the Monday Mixtape is about music, which is why we won’t bleat on about philanthropy when we can tell you about Nick beating the skins. 

“Drums are my mother instrument, but I dabble in guitar as well. I taught both for a year after finishing school but I hated teaching so I stopped doing it before I accidentally killed a child. Since then I’ve played in a few bands and for a number of artists and solo projects: Dfrost, Change of View, Mister & Misread, Heather Waters, Julian Bach, LAVI, The Akelian Circus, NFM and I’m currently starting something fresh with a good friend Phil Joubert, called TAPFOOT. I also post short rap songs every week on crowdCaster.”

You'll notice that there's a decent amount of local tunes on Nick's playlist.

“I love local music the most and some of my favourite artists right now, in no particular order, are: Beatenberg, Frank Freeman, Grassy Spark, Julian Bach, iScream & the Chocolate Stix, Taxi Violence, Cicatrixx, PHfat, Mobbing Bali, Albert Frost, Heather Waters, Gangs of Ballet, Haezer, Thor Rixon — I could probably go on forever here. South Africa’s Got Talent, man.”

The song that changed Nick’s life was Kishi Bashi's "I Am The Antichrist To You” which he says changed the way he thinks about song composition and is a masterpiece. When it comes to music festivals Nick says it’s a toss-up between Up The Creek and RAMfest.

Up The Creek for the small-scale relaxed river vibes and the ability to see every single band over the duration of the weekend owing to the way they’ve set the stages up (although to be honest I’ve not yet accomplished this), and RAMfest for the large-scale, all-out magnitude and consistently earth-shattering lineups. That said, I also love me some Synergy and I’m looking forward to trying out River Republic on the Breede.

Okay so last question, why did you call your mix XXXpresso? 

Because it’s a double shot of the good stuff to kickstart your week. It’s happy and up-tempo but not too heavy. It’s coffee for your earballs. The “xxx” part was just me making fun of the way most people spell “espresso”.

You should follow Nick on Twitter if you’d like to LOL at him making fun of other things.