Paint With Donald Trump

Use the many faces of Donald Trump to make your own art

The American real estate developer, television personality, business author and political candidate has an underreported talent – making art.

But unlike George Bush’s portraits of Putin and his poodle, The Donald is being used as a medium to make art, thanks to a tool that someone created and then put out on the internet.

After drawing the type of thing you’d expect to see in cubicle stalls at non-blue flag beaches and the desks at an all boys school, we handed the reigns to our design team to see what they could come up with. 

Paint with Donald Trump allows you to use the many faces of Donald Trump, okay eight, in three different brush sizes and then you can share your creations on social media.

Give it a spin!

We look forward to seeing what creations you can come up with. 

Here's our design team's efforts to inspire you. 

Amber Pretorius: FRIYAY!

Nichole Enslin: BEWARE

Sabrina Scott: A trumpet, GET IT?

Dale Scogins: If you're bright, you're alright

Saul Marcus: DREK