The Mixtape Vol. 19

Martin Magner's Mixtape

Martin Magner works as a freelance art director at Ogilvy, models for 20 Model Management and he's also, "in the baby phase of co-creating a little creative collective with one of my friends and simultaneously taking my clothes off and kissing people while acting in my first feature film."
When he's not doing all of the above he's making mixtapes. Something that he started doing while living overseas. 
"I used to walk to the tube station and catch the train to work. This would take me about 30 min each morning and I would pick songs that would suit each leg of the journey. So for example, walking out of the house, it's freezing, you'd need a banger to walk to eg. Jess Glynn's - Right Here was a stunning walking song. Once you're on the tube you are surrounded by strangers all up in your bubble so you need something chilled, maybe some young Metronomy - The Upsetter. Yes."
Nowadays Martin makes mixtapes that are the soundtrack to his month, and depending on how he's feeling these can either be what he calls "super pop" or "emosh".  A direct reflection of the month that went down, Martin's monthly mixes serve as a sound diary of sorts, which not only document the ups and downs, but are also a great way of finding new music.
You'll notice that Martin is into having many moods on one mixtape, and this one starts off in a club, and then you find yourself crying listening to the new Foals, and then you're right back onto TRACE / Channel O listening to something you can sing along to. The mix of local and international, old and new top 40 hits and the odd ex Disney star turned pop star.
What are your summer plans?
Go from Martin to MarTAN again.
What festivals will you be attending?
I hit Oppikoppi earlier this month and I'm still trying to escape the dust.
That's festivALL I'm doing this year. Let's focus on the city events. Little dragon. I cannot wait.
Anything to add?
The more things change. The more things double denim.