The Uncultured Club

Three Superbalist 100 influencers have started an exciting new project

The Uncultured Club is a project started by Anthony Bila, Chisanga Mubanga and Nicholas Rawhani. It’s a space for them to express themselves, not only as photographers and videographers, but as artists and people.

“It’s not within the framework of culture or anti-culture, but just completely transcending any concrete culture.” Says Nicholas. “In short, we’re rejecting culture as a whole - the uncultured club is about us celebrating the amazing things that people do, that we do, and leaving the rest behind.”

Anthony is less abstract, and says: “The Uncultured club is everything and nothing, essentially a creative content consultancy, we work across mediums including video, film, photography, fine art, music and more. We conceptualise and create content for ourselves, and for brands, organisations, private individuals, anyone really who requires our particular set of skills.” 

Chisanga is the most succinct, and says that he creates because of the innate urge that he has to make things. “It's just about choosing a medium to express myself. I've rapped, I've done radio, anything to fulfill the constant curiosity.”

Simply put, it’s about young people doing amazing things with their time and their effort and their creativity. The three collaborators, who all just so happen to be on our Superbalist 100 list, all share a common vision – do dope work.

The photos seen here are from "All of it" a shoot Nicholas did with dancer, Tamara Rae Bergmann.

You can keep up with the Uncultured Club, here: