5 Well Dressed Men Worth Following

5 Well Dressed Men Worth Following

Most guys need to up their style game. Think of these guys as five mentors who'll help you to reach your full fashion potential. 

1 - Frank Muytjens 20.3k

He says: ...

We say: Where Mr Muytjens lacks in words to describe his particular brand of awesome, he sure makes up for it with visuals. 

2 - Dany Dos Santos 38.9k

He says: Contact@alkarus.com www.Alkarus.com

We say: This guy's style is so on point, all minimal looks that play with proportions and we reckon his beard deserves an account of its own. 

3 - Matthew Coles  2,132 
He says: Email: matthew@topgrain.co.uk www.topgrain.co.uk
We say: The type of guy you'd expect to bump into at Pitti Uomo and someone who's inspired us to start suiting up more. 
4 - Karlmond Tang  5,652
He says: Like almond with a K. I write at Mr. Boy, but also do other random things. Social Media Consultant. ✉️: karlmond@mrboy.co.uk twitter.com/karlmond www.mrboy.co.uk
We say: A well balanced mix of the man behind the account and the things that inspire him. 
5 - Isaac Hindin-Miller  12.2K
He says:  I LIKE YOU! www.isaaclikes.com
We say: The feeling's mutual, Isaac!