Thebe Magugu

School is in session, by Chisanga Mubunga

Instagram: @thebemagugu

Twitter: @_ThebeMagugu_

Outfit by Oath.

This dude is EXACTLY how we would have liked to have dressed at school. The oversized pintstripe jacket and matching shorts in bottle green aren't too far off from the uniform that we actually wore to school. And that confusing necklace is so much more aesthetically pleasing than the corporate noose that we were forced to tie around our neck. Then there's the mesh vest, which conjures up PT period memories, something we'd rather forget, but still looks great and breathes so nicely. The socks and sandals look is on trend and comfy as. Overall this is a minimal look that they should roll out at schools immediately, and if not then we're happy to revisit our youth in it.