South African Zine Scene

With everything going online some publishers are eschewing digital for the low fi

With 90s nostalgia setting in hard, it’s no surprise that zines have made their way back onto the cultural map. From the lesser-known to the super-niche, these self-publications are giving an exciting platform to emerging creatives. Whether you’re into unconventional fiction, offbeat parody or just staying ahead of the pop culture curve, there’s a zine out there for you – and what’s more, there are some great local ones.


10and5.com have done the hard work for you by putting together a monthly pack of goodness (about 5-7 local zines) that gets delivered to your door for a small subscription fee. The best part? You get a random selection every time, including hard-to-find, one-off editions as well as bi-monthly publications like The Lake, giving you the chance to learn a thing or two about something new (and, you know, casually drop it into a conversation the next time you’re out).