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Wireless Headphones

Shop for the best wireless and Bluetooth enabled headphones in South Africa from Superbalist’s online selection of the latest and the greatest of headphones that are engineered for crystal clear clarity high-quality audio and tantalising sensory experience. We cater for the ultimate audiophile with specific requirements for headphones that have to meet the following criteria: wireless headphones that come equipped with a glorious frequency response such as low range frequencies with well-balanced bass that you feel more than you should hear, mid-range frequencies that enhance those subtle sounds to be more prominent and high-range frequencies for brightness and definition. If you’re just a general appreciator of amazing audio quality that doesn’t come with the hassle and inconvenience of messy, tangled up cords, we’ve got you covered.

Shop online with Superbalist for perfectly sized in-ear wireless earbuds that won’t compromise your pristine outfit and actually fit in your ears with ease and comfort. Trusted brands like Skullcandy have constantly delivered premium quality headphones and you can find a wide selection of their products on Superbalist at prices that cater to a budget best suitable for your pocket. Immerse yourself in a blissful audio experience with the Skullcandy Ink’d 2.0 wireless in-ear headphones that come with a built-in microphone and a 1-button remote that allow you to easily take phonecalls. Alternatively, get the Skullcandy JIB wireless in-ear headphones which are sweat resistance which makes them the ideal for workout sessions or those scenic walks you take on your daily commute. Typo brings you a sleek and stylish design of in-ear, Bluetooth enabled wireless headphones with the Active wireless headphones in black and gold that let you play and pause the music, skip tracks, and adjust the volume on the headphones. That means you can maintain control of your music while your phone stays in your pocket.
Moving up in size we have on-ear headphone which sits comfortably on top of your outer ears. The band can go behind your head or over it, with the controllers being placed right by your ears. JBL wireless Bluetooth headphones are best in class, durable and feel like wearing plushy clouds over your ears that make everything you thought sounded good sound at least 10 times better. The JBL E55 Bluetooth wireless over-ear headphones allow you to have complete control over your music or phone call volume level with ease and tangle-free cable. The Skullcandy Icon wireless on-ear headphones are fully equipped with 10-hour battery life for uninterrupted listening pleasure, as well as good stereo which produces a sound that extends beyond the speakers, creating sonics that are clear and wide.