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When it comes to interior decor furniture and room colour are usually the key elements that spring to mind when considering sprucing up your living or workspace, but competent lighting plays an equally crucial role in creating a mood that’s coupled with an evocative room that inspires as much as it delights. Clever use of lighting is still required under different weather conditions in order maximise and get the most out of your lamps. Winter nights are long, gloomy and can get pretty grim and dark quickly so a lamp can enhance a room that has no big windows to let natural light in. Spread out your creative decor ideas by concentrating on lighting multiple areas of your home so that you can appreciate the full extent and tones of light. Shop online for a wide array of lights with Superbalist’s fantastic offering of outdoor lights, pendant lights, solar lights as well as ceiling lights.

Sixth Floor brings you sophisticated opulence with its Lux Desk Lamp that comes in gold and a marble base. Table lamps are ideal for creating pools of warm light in the corner of a room or even right by your bedside. Get yourself a table lamp from Sixth Floor with a sleek colourway and exquisite design that delivers on both style and light.
The right kind of lighting forms the basis of all work. The lighting in the home office, study or workspace should be sufficiently strong and smooth, and it should not be blinding. If you have a dimmable desk lamp, you can also create a more relaxed atmosphere especially with this metal matte white desk lamp with retro aesthetics that easily accentuate and brighten up your workspace for those long nights spent putting the work in. Floor lamps spark up good general lighting, which also contributes to creating dynamics in the room that provides efficient functionality as well as an evocative atmosphere. Shop the Ace floor lamp that adds sophistication and elegance to any room in your home or alternatively you can use it as an outdoor lamp for when you host people in your garden long after sunset. Sixth Floor is diverse in their product offering that is made for quality and pleasing aesthetics such as the Facet ceiling light to provide beautiful light over the dining table.


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