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Colour Family
  • Black (36)
  • Blue (38)
  • Green (27)
  • Grey (34)
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  • Medium Brown (1)
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  • Metallic (1)
  • Neutral (20)
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  • Synthetic (73)
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  • Collar (2)
  • Crew neck (55)
  • Scoop neck (4)

Shirt & Top Style
  • T-shirt (42)
  • Tank (7)
  • Vest (1)

Sleeve Length
  • Long sleeve (11)
  • Short sleeve (48)
  • Sleeveless (13)

Sneaker Style
  • Hi-Top (1)
  • Lo-Top (104)
  • Platform (2)
  • Trainer (8)


ASICS, which stands for "Anima Sana In Corpore Sano," or "A Sound Mind in a Sound Body," is a well-known Japanese manufacturer of athletic footwear and sporting goods. Kihachiro Onitsuka founded ASICS in 1949, and since then it has grown to become a world leader in athletic gear with a focus on performance, serving a variety of sports and fitness endeavours. ASICS online and ASICS South Africa are dedicated to creating top-notch ASICS sneakers that improve athletic performance while putting the needs of the athlete as a whole first. The brand's guiding principle is based on the idea that physical activity enhances mental health and that the two are connected for a healthy and satisfying life. Women’s ASICS and men’s ASICS are renowned for their cutting-edge technology that strive to improve athletic performance and give athletes of all skill levels comfort and support. One of their standout technological innovations is the Gel cushioning system, which makes use of gel inserts placed strategically in the midsole to reduce stress and improve impact cushioning. This innovation has been a defining feature of ASICS running shoes and has boosted its appeal among runners all over the world. ASICS offers a wide selection of athletic footwear for a variety of sports, including tennis, volleyball, wrestling, and training, in addition to running shoes. Each type of shoe is created with sports-specific qualities to fulfil the demands of the activity, such as superior grip for wrestling or lateral stability for tennis. ASICS also produces a large selection of sports gear, casual footwear, and accessories in addition to shoes. Modern fabrics and patterns are used in apparel lines such as the ASICS Tiger to prioritise durability, breathability, and practicality. ASICS works to give athletes clothing that improves performance and comfort, whether it's running gear, compression clothing, or sports-specific clothes. ASICS also values sustainability and actively works to minimise its negative effects on the environment. The company wants to reduce waste, increase energy efficiency, and support ethical purchasing and production methods. To lessen their carbon footprint, they place a high priority on recycling and using eco-friendly materials. Because of its dedication to quality, ASICS has gained a devoted following among athletes and fitness enthusiasts all over the world. Because of their goods' dependability, performance-improving features, and commitment to customer wellbeing, both pros and amateurs trust them. Keep a lookout on Superbalist.cop for ASICS specials and ASICS sale where you can purchase some of the most innovative sneakers in the game for so much less. 


A brand known for durable and supportive footwear, particularly renowned in the realm of sportswear, Asics boast some of the most enduring features. Protective and supportive, the endurance of Asics shoes can be attributed to a number of factors. Mileage, storage, body weight and foot types are some factors to consider when caring for your Asics sneakers and ensuring their durability. The road often has a significant impact in determining whether your trainers will last so opt for trails when running. When running in Asics, the usual recommendation is to change your shoes every 800 to 1000 km. Proper care and maintenance, including regular cleaning, avoiding excessive wear and tear, and using them for their intended purpose, can contribute to your Asics sneakers performance and durability. Whether you’re sporting lifestyle sneakers for style or opting for running trainers, the brand vision to help you empower both your mind and body ensures that your footwear is designed to take you wherever you want to go. 


Asics products are designed to empower people all over the world towards mindful movement. Take your performance to the next level with esteemed products that are made to keep you moving no matter your lifestyle or sport. Get the running shoes you need to reach your running goals with trainers that are designed for distance and offer extra cushioning and softer strides. The GEL-NIMBUS™ 23 running shoe boasts excellent comfort and long-run impact absorption. Its improved stability provides a more balanced stride that's followed by smoother transitions while the The GEL-KAYANO™ 28 shoe creates a stable stride that moves you towards a balanced mindset. For a lifestyle approach, slip into the court-inspired JAPAN S range that sports a low-top silhouette. Updated with a lightweight design that features a modified cupsole, this shoe is complemented with premium comfort and improved cushioning. Other product offerings from the brand include fitness and sports gear such as supportive tops, bottoms and accessories. 

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Asics is a Japanese athletic equipment company that was founded in 1949. The name is an ACRONYM for the Latin phrase ‘anima sana in corpore sano’, which means ‘a healthy soul in a healthy body’. Synonymous with upmarket, top-quality sportswear for a host of different sports.

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