Combine functionality and style for a hot new winter wardrobe that’s fun and fresh

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When it comes to choosing pieces for your winter collection it can be somewhat tricky as you grapple with functional versus fashionable. All too often the biting cold wins and we usually end up looking like we’re off to a lumberjack’s conference. The reason for this is that a lot of men’s winter clothes are made for function first and fashion second.

It’s really like skating on thin ice when it comes to creating the right balance between fashion that’s both warm and wow! But there is no need to slip through the fashion cracks in the ice. With a small budget and a little expert guidance on the latest seasonal trends, you could set the cold and your personal catwalk on fire this season.

And who better to get a winter trend forecast from than a leading local menswear designer and stylist to the stars? Paledi Segapo, founder and creative director of award-winning fashion label PALSE, had this to say about this season’s trends.

M block Coats

“Four must-have clothing items in every man’s winter wardrobe this season have to be a trench coat, a leather jacket, corduroy fitted blazer, and a turtleneck or two. And, of course, he should own at least one classic fitted suit. But the look for now is oversized.

STYLE TIP: Always buy your coat a size one or two bigger sizes than your suit. This creates the perfect fit when you wear it over layers of winter clothing.

M block Jackets

Paledi says that among the trends we can look forward to for men in Autumn/Winter 2021 are oversized tailoring. “Leather and patchwork items driven by the trend of recycling and upcycling continue to make a comeback,” he said.

STYLE TIP: If leather jackets are not your style, you can always opt for any of the diverse range of men’s winter jackets on offer by Superbalist. Take your pick from stylish duffle coats, faux fur hoods, polo coats and more in contrasting edging, layering and natural textures.

M Block accessories

Touching on the accessories that can really bump up a winter outfit, Paledi says: “Feather boas have made a comeback in the Gucci men’s collection, but designer socks, bold-sculptured rings and yes, even pearls accessorised over a turtleneck or shirt are trending this season.

STYLE TIP: How you accessorise for winter really depends on your mood or outfit. Oversized and chunky knitted scarves, beanies, gloves and shades will forever be considered evergreen staples in your winter accessories style arsenal.

M block shoes

When it comes to winter shoes, the brogue continues to hold its top position as the item every man should own, whether in a boot or low cut. “I’d say if you don’t own a pair of classic brogues, that simply means you don’t own a good, classic pair yet. Alternatively, a pair of sneakers, the higher the better, are also on point this season,” said Paledi.

STYLE TIP: Whatever your winter shoe style is, you will be spoilt for choice with the Superbalist range of boots, slip-ons and sneakers. Go for long-lasting durability that takes through winter and into any season.

It’s anyone’s style game this season and Paledi urges you to have fun with putting your wardrobe together. “Style is personal and fashion is fun when you experiment with it. Just dress age appropriate and do you,” he says.

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