The bold earring is one of summer's best trends

It's also one of the most affordable

Words: Daniël Geldenhuys | Photograph: Chloe SS19, Paris Fashion Week

Selfie culture must be to blame for the movement towards large, architectural earrings. They make a very likeable statement, adding a mood to your shot the same way a great filter does. This is a coming of age moment for earrings. In the past, even if they involved diamonds, styles tended to err on the small and dainty side. No more. Now, bigger is better.

Think bold, sculptural, dangly, and attention grabbing. Summer's amped up earring moment is unapologetic in its sense of presence. Like eyewear, these earrings play off the shape of your face, complimenting and enhancing it. They're a stealth, unexpected style weapon: you can wear them anywhere (office included) in a way that catches people off guard and commands attention.

bold earring trend

Think about a lavish pair of earrings as a modern day crown. They connote the status that comes from a sense of self worth. Adding this ornamental element to your face shows immediate pride in your sense of style, inviting compliments and conversation.

This may well be the season's most affordable trend, too. One inexpensive purchase can breathe new life into your wardrobe, complimenting all your classic investment pieces, and transforming your trend-driven impulse buys. Remember the mismatched earring moment? It's still a thing, and these ornamental beauties are definitely a part of the conversation. Wear them as sets, or miss match with other pairs. If you've got multiple piercings, add smaller studs to the mix like halos. More is more, but it doesn't have to cost more.

There's a bold earring for every taste. Metallic styles are perfect for the woman who loves a little everyday shine. For the jewel-obsessed, the Cotton On Flower Drops deliver all the glamour and drama you could possibly want. For the modern minimalist, Style Republic's thick rectangle pair in scorched orange, red, and brown, will pair perfectly with that white linen front-button maxi. Art lovers will surely be drawn to the sculptural aspects of the Superbalist mismatched Mishcha pair, and the monochrome statement of the Savannah resin.

Whatever your taste, this may be a purchase that pushes you a little outside your comfort zone. That's a good thing: go for the pair you wouldn't normally wear. Be bold. Something as simple as a pair of earrings can help you own your presence in a way that's utterly empowering.

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