Channelling Brenda Fassie in 2018

MaBrrr's legacy remains, re-contextualised in our new TV spot – here's how to channel her style today

Imagine for a moment if Brenda Fassie were still with us today. At 54, she'd probably still be crazy fit – she was the Madonna of the Townships after all. Her aesthetic might have been a mix of traditional clothing and sport brands like Kappa and Adidas, most likely styled by Kwena Baloyi, Trevor Stuurman would shoot her new album cover and she might even have starred in our latest TVC.

Brenda Fassie

We've lost MaBrrr, but her legacy remains, re-contextualised in our new TV spot. If 'Weekend Special' isn't already on your 'getting ready' playlist, now is the time to add it. Is it any wonder the pop star and notorious party girl is our current style obsession?

So, how to channel Sis MaBrrr's style today? You can switch out her 80s aesthetic for something more sporty, yes, but don't disregard it completely. Right now, fashion doesn't discriminate against any decade, incorporating references from them all. A simple 'Balenciaga runway' Google is proof that the 80s are relevant today as ever. In the era of #MeToo, gender fluidity, and modern protest in its many forms, Brenda Fassie's strength and optimistic sound is a rich well from which to draw inspiration, and get dressed.

Head strong

Braids or no braids, Brenda was known to rock an architectural headpiece. Today, that can be interpreted as a bucket hat, paperboy cap, beret, or even a visor.

Skinny shade

Sorry if you're sick and tired of seeing small sunnies everywhere, but best believe MaBrrr would have endorsed this look. There is photographic evidence of her rocking a pair in the early 2000s – she'd definitely be game for a revival.

Top of the crop

Chart topper and crop topper, our Queen of African Pop loved a good crop top moment. Bandeau styles are making a comeback, perfectly timed to channel Brenda on a summer dance floor of your choice.

Bonus track

The jacket is optional, but it's a fun add on. A boxy cut or something in colour-wash denim feels modern 80s, while a sport-brand jacket feels very of-the-moment. Channel Tomboy Brenda and tie it around your waist until temperatures drop.

Power trouser

Okay, Brenda did love a good skirt, but interpreting her look for the present is all about the pair of pants that exudes strength. That strength can manifest in many different ways: camo, flare detail, the drama of a wide leg, the sporty precision of trackpants, the statement contrast of a monochrome print. The choice is yours.

Bold kicks

It really depends on the part of Brenda's personality you're looking to channel, as well as the pants you chose. A tough yet classic sneaker might be appropriate, but don't rule out a bold party heel. Channelling the best of MaBrrr means putting your best foot forward. There's liberation in freedom of choice. Everything Brenda Fassie did was with the strength of conviction – that's a non-negotiable accessory for your look.

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