Fila is for everyone

What was his is now hers, here's how Fila works with the tomboy trend when borrowing from the boys

Words: Marieke Merts | Photography: Getty

The concept of adapting mens fashion and incorporating it into your wardrobe sure ain't new. It's been in and it's been out, defined the style of Diane Keaton and ensured that boyfriends across the globe made peace with the knowledge that white shirts and skinny ties were now all shareable items.


But therein lies the problem: the "borrowed from the boys" aesthetic has always been so… specific. Sharply tailored trousers. A button-up shirt. A tie of some sort. Maybe even a waistcoat. And while the dandy look will always have its time and place, we can't help but feel that (a) it's been done and (b) why should the items we are borrowing shape the entire look?

What if we wanted to take menswear and make it whatever we wanted it to be? And what is the modern day version of a collared shirt and tie, anyway? Especially when the modern man has embraced the athleisure look, rocking tracksuit bottoms to boardroom meetings (with a blazer, of course) and sneakers with his suit?

And when a sportswear brand makes a comeback, why should the guys have all the fun? The brand we're referring to is Fila of course, which has somersaulted from beacon of nostalgia to the forefront of now.


We've always been told menswear was "simple" and "effortless", two concepts that we can get behind. (Hey, life is busy enough as it is.) A denim skirt works well with a classic Fila sweater as it shows of your legs while keeping things classic.

When getting athleisure right, keep the following in mind: WWRD. Which, y'know, stands for 'What Would Rihanna Do'. Casual. Rihanna often rocks the athleisure look, but her outfits are always firmly grasped in luxury. Sure her Fila sweater is styled with a jogger, but it's a satin jogger, paired with an equally high-shine blazer. A strategically placed puffer keeps things on point.


Think sportswear can't be sexy? Glamorous even? Well, wipe that off your mental blackboard and let class begin. A Fila piece is the perfect anchor for those over-the-top pieces in your wardrobe. That choker. The skirt with the slit that's slightly too high. Those boots that are overkill with a dress. Watch as they all compliment each other now, instead of fighting. All because of Fila.

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