The Queen of all things fabulous

Bonang Matheba has done what few celebrities have done; she has become royalty. She’s a published author, award-winning presenter, model, reality-TV star and the Queen of all things fabulous. She has her own emojis, she’s the face of Revlon, and gets gifted Gucci handbags by her partner, just because. If that’s not a CV that shouts “GET ME SOME OF THAT” then we don’t know what is.

We can’t give you the cheat sheet to getting the full Queen B* lifestyle, but we can get you to dress like her…

Bonang Matheba

We love Bonang in this princess meets punk look (and so do 41, 320 other fans). Get the look by investing in a pleated skirt and toughening things up with a leather jacket and classic white t-shirt.

Bonang Matheba

We’re not throwing shade, but Queen B* missed a beat by not captioning this look with “Sunday Best.” We are living for the casual drama of this: the pearls, the shades, the ruffles. This look is best summed up by Nicki Minaj: “You can be the King, but watch the Queen conquer.”

Bonang Matheba

A sign of a true style icon status is being able to pull off denim on denim, and to make such a daytime fabric look as sexy and seductive as satin and silk. We have nothing but respect for our Queen!

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