8 Beauty Trends That Are Absolutely Extra

A few looks that made us stop and stare

outrageous beauty trends

By Zoya Pon

First of all, can we just say praise 2017 for making us all hyper aware of the sparseness of the hairs that shield our eyes. What a year it was, which brought about an array of interesting ways to frame our faces, and express our deepest confusion.

In the name of ‘extraness’ 2018 has not disappointed. Just one quarter of the way into the year and already the fashion and beauty industry has found time to bless us with the most outré beauty trends yet.

If you thought unicorn nails still had shock value, welcome to the year of glitter masks and halo eyebrows. What a time to be someone who is just learning how to contour.

Halo Eyebrows

halo eyebrows

The internet collectively responded with confusion and then, adoration, when Insta beauty star Hannah Lynne decided there was no right time to debut this look.

Words. Fail.

Bright Lining

bright lining

By no means new, we see this trend gaining traction in bright hues, mainly yellow and blue, both under and above your eyes. This trend is one you might actually venture out into the night sporting, paired with an equally bright handbag or shoes.

What might be trickier to try is probably the neon liner trend, which encompasses everything from your mani to your lids and lips. Captivating.

Instagrammers are always doing the most.

Like Lightning

like lightning

Our love for this emoji has spread onto our faces with lightning bolts appearing all over the damn place and I must say, this is a fave.

We can thank makeup Goddess, Kylie Jenner, who spoiled us with this OTT Kylie Cosmetics eyeshadow palette ‘Eye of the Storm’ inspired by her daughter, Stormi.

Jewel Eyebrows

jewel eyebrows

The folks who brought you bum glitter in the name of Insta worthy festival pics, now present bedazzled eyebrows.

Because who doesn't need more sparkle in their life, and why stop at simply accessorizing limbs, when eyebrow glue is a thing?

Glitter Lids 

glitter eyelids

The sparkle doesn’t stop, except this look is quite easy to apply. We’re fans of Wet ‘n Wild’s gold glitter eyeshadow, which comes in gel form, so no messing with Vaseline or gloss to make it stick. However, if you’re a fan of pigment (best for the density) Vaseline and gloss are your best bet. (Please don’t use eyebrow glue or any glue for that matter.)

New fave? Black glitter ala Alice + Olivia Fall18

Dipped Eyebrows

dipped eyebrows

Not satiated with gems or shapes, the world has offered us an alternative: dipped brows. Dubbed the "eyebrow trend that you can actually wear" (Where? Where can I wear this to?), dipped brows are exactly what they say they are. Ombre for your face.

Neon Lashes

neon lashes

Blue eyelashes were a crowd fave last year, and Dries Van Noten Fall 2018 makeup artist Peter Philips has taken this a step further with orange, pink and yellow lashes.

We’re fans.

Glitter Masks

glitter masks

Giambattista Valli reckons why stop at glitter on your eyes, lips or cheeks when you can just wear it all over your face? The ‘beauty goddess look’ is what they're calling it. There's a more functional way to wear this trend, if not only for a few minutes, as glitter face masks (the cleansing kind) were released shortly afterward.

Does it work? Who cares? It’s pretty AF!

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