Everyday lingerie looks fit for valentine's day

Slip into something a bit more comfortable

valentine's day lingerie

Words: Jabulile Dlamini-Qwesha | Photography:  Sven Kristian| Styling: Jason Basson

Be it for yourself or a significant other, getting lingerie fit for Valentine’s Day can be quite an intimidating task. With the obvious question being whether you should look for something strappy, silky, lacy… or a wearable combination of everything. Just don't get trapped into something overtly sexy and cringe-worthy-in-hindsight, when you might be better off wearing something a little simpler.

The fact is, as much we may wish we could, we can’t all pull off Beyoncé-in-Partition’s levels of seductive, but we still deserve nice things. And regardless of the aesthetic, peak sexiness is when you're comfortable and just purr confidence. So, here are a few things to consider if you're doing Valentine’s Day in pieces you want to be able to repeat throughout the year...

Slip into something comfortable

valentines day lingerie

Think an elegant night slip: they are perfectly slinky and there is a certain lavishness to them that you can only carry with an air of boldness.

Keep it simple

valentines day lingerie

Match undies that feel as practical as they look amazing. Like a basic t-shirt bra with subtle lace detail. It's impactful with just the right measure of "oh, this old thing?", if you happen to be getting undressed in front of (or by) company.

Don't be scared to wear your big girl panties

valentine's day lingerie

Very few things look as good as high-waist briefs while basically holding your whole life together. Sexy doesn't always have to mean 'skimpy', sometimes being in the type of underwear that gives you enough support for perfect posture – at base level confidence – is all the sex appeal you might need.

Be pretty in pink

valentine's day lingerie

Feminine in an almost cliché kind of way, blush tone delicates are sexy and tasteful. They give you just enough of a boost without pushing you out of your comfort zone. An added extra is that applique lace doubles up as a stylish bralette when you want to wear underwear as outerwear.

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