Falling in love may not be easy but these looks are

5 fashion stages of falling in love

five fashion stages of falling in love

Words: Afrika Lethabo Bogatsu | Photography:  Bevan Davis| Styling: Mandy Nash

Love is a strange thing. One never plans to fall in love, it always comes as a surprise. You stumble, trip and fall into tizzy of mixed emotions, not knowing whether you’re coming or going. But not to worry, we’re here to help make sense of it all.

Here are five stages of falling in love illustrated by soft pink hues, sassy dresses, textured fabrics and embellished shoes.

Stage 1

women's valentines day style

You’re enthralled by your crushes existence and there’s no denying your infatuation. Your friends say you’re lowkey obsessed and as much as you hate to admit it they’re probably right. You’re dotty over them and often find yourself lost in a dreamy daze.

Hot summer days that turn into balmy and breezy nights and off-the-shoulder tops like this were made for falling in love. The adorable polka dot print will look great paired with tailored shorts or soft pleated skirt.

Stage 2

women's valentines day style

There’s an anxious feeling in your chest, you can feel it all the way down to your toes. You’re not entirely sure how to explain it or make sense of it. You call your friends up, hoping they can make sense of your current state “Oh, no babes, sounds like you’ve caught feelings.” As soon as she says it, you know it’s true. You’re disappointed in yourself because nothing good has ever come from catching feelings. So, to distract yourself from your constant overthinking about whether your feelings are shared or unrequited, you go shoe shopping.

Experiment with elegant embellishments like pearl beading, pom poms or diamante detailings or shiny metallics and luxe velvet, that are sure to elevate any look and distract your thoughts while attracting the attention of your crush.

Stage 3

women's valentines day style

Now that there’s no denying how you feel, the only thing to do is be proactive and do something about all these feels. You’re not necessarily the one who dresses for the approval of others, but you’ve found yourself making more of an effort in the morning. Picking something to wear has become more of a challenge as you’re really trying to make a great impression.

Show them how fun and charming you can be in frilly sweater paired with down-to-earth denim. Play off your favourite assets- elongate your legs in a gorgeous mini dress in crushed velvet material that dares them to touch you.

Stage 4

women's valentines day style

You feel empowered by the love you and your partner share. It makes you feel confident and sexy. That nervous apprehension you felt in the beginning feels like a distant memory. You now wear your heart and on your sleeve with pride because you know it’s safe in the hands of your S.O. Love looks good on you and you’re not afraid to flaunt it through your style.

This gorgeous figure hugging dress with eyelet detailing along the front is all things sensual. Tone down the sex appeal of a freakum dress by layering it over a short sleeved top, to give your look an effortlessly cool twist.

Stage 5

women's valentines day style

You’re comfortable around your new partner. You no longer feel the need to do too much. You can finally just chill and be yourself. Jeans and their T-shirt have become your uniform. They complain about you constantly stealing their socks and sweats but deep down you know that they like the way you look in them. 

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