Street Style: Stay Fresh Finale

Check out if Cape Town's freshest came to slay or play

Stay Fresh Finale

Words: Jabulile Dlamini-Qwesha | Photographs: Neo Baepi

Forming part of Anatii and AKA’s Be Careful What You Wish For show – arguably the biggest hip-hop tour happening in the country right now – Head Honcho’s Stay Fresh event went out with a bang this past Saturday.

After running for seven years, the urban lifestyle gig has played a pivotal part in changing the game by uniting South Africa’s often fragmented hip-hop scene, one stage at a time. Growing from a pool party in Woodbridge Island to Shimmy Beach Club as a venue, the extensive levels of stunting true to the commercial hip-hop scene have always held prevalence at Stay Fresh.

While the event itself kept to its standard of quality, the general street-style game was quite a curious case to observe. Based on how people had turned out at previous installments, The Way of Us anticipated that they would step it all the way up with this one being the finale. Instead, it felt slightly sub par. 

The way we see it, if there was ever a time to be as extra as possible, flexing your freshest kick game and rolling out your flyest music-video-ready look, it would be at a Stay Fresh party.

The part of the crowd who got the memo stunted looks that were worth a double-take and a nod. Here are few that had us particularly excited.

Stripes on stripes

Kitso Kgori

If there were any two looks that were bang on trend and hit event appropriateness on the head, it had to be these striped two-pieces. Both with plunging necklines, structured and cold shoulder detail, they're playfully flirtatious and tasteful.


Alyssa Cole and Lynn Jazmine

Choker: check! Front zip detail: check! A serving of face: check, double time! My favourite thing about this brand of layering is that these ladies took the right number of risks, but they're not doing too much. We're into the bomber jacket thrown over the off-shoulder bomber dress cinched at the waist – it's unexpected but the look reads like it's the most obvious combination to make.

Laidback, yet effective...

Mphelane Mareletse and Foyin Og

The most alluring part about these looks is that they appear like they were achieved with admirable ease, yet they still have impact. 

It may not be Fendi Atelier, but....

Nomuzi 'Moozlie' Mabena and Jabulile Dlamini-Qwesha

There was generally no shame in the fur game at Stay Fresh. You may wonder: "fur? At a beach club? IN SPRING?" I'm here to tell you that it is Cape Town, it was sunny, but the wind situation was quite shifty. One question remains, though: "doitlooklikeigotleftoffofbadandboujee???".

Black on Black


Black isn't really a colour in my book; it's more of an attitude. You know you're the baddest, so you act accordingly. Now top that off with an afro puff and a cat-eye flick to make it an indisputable fact. If you need notes on how to take athleisure to the club, look no further. (Aside: that see-through rain jacket is EVERYTHING!)

Dazed on Denim

Bongile and Thebe Montse

Because jeans really are forever, here's a visual representation of how pulling them off literally depends on your mood. Trying to show off an enviable kick game? Opt for the guy on the left's street edge or lace-up brogues and throw on a white button-up, like the dude on the right, if you're feeling like dialing up the sophistication.

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