Currently Coveting: Marshall Speaker

Turn it to 11 for a next-level sound experience

Marshall Speaker

Nothing can kill the mood of a party more than the feeble cracks of a laptop speaker as the host intermittently presses the “Volume Up” button – you hit full volume ages ago and this just isn’t going to cut it. Even worse, you might just be hanging out with one of those philistines who think it’s acceptable to sour your favourite album through what equates to a phone speaker from 2005. 

Make sure you’re not left looking like the hostess with the worstest(?) – by always having a life-of-the-party by your side... One that’s far less temperamental than an outgoing person. A solid and portable speaker from Marshall will get you out of more jams than you’d think, as well as offering a touch of style to your place aesthetically. Leather details, brass fittings, that grille – very classy. 

Reminiscent of the two-storey stacks used by your dad’s favourite bands from the 70s, these have all the retro appeal without the sadness of a guitar you never learnt play lying in the corner of the room. They’re built from sturdy stuff too, probably learned from years of getting up close and personal with the swinging guitars of men in spandex. While they harken back to the glory days of rock, the tech is all-modern, with bass-boosting, hi-fi quality combining with modern conveniences like bluetooth and the ability to adjust the levels to suit your sound with interactive analogue knobs. 

So whether you’re the master of ceremonies at your next braai or just heading to the park for a relaxing picnic you’d like to loudly improve with the latest <insert popular artist’s name here> album, make sure one of these is close by, for the sanctity of music and the respect of your fellow party-goers. For those about to rock we salute you!

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