5 Fashion Qs: Maps Maponyane

Meet the model, TV presenter, actor, MC, entrepreneur and fashion authority

Photographs: Andy Pearce

The one-man industry Masego “Maps” Maponyane was both a GQ "Best Dressed Man" and Cosmopolitan Magazine's "Sexiest South African Man", which when listed alongside being a model, TV presenter, actor, MC and entrepreneur, makes the dude a perfect authority to ask five quick fashion questions. Find out who his fashion icons are, how he'd spend R50 000 and more after the jump. 

5 Fashion Qs Maps

What's been your biggest fashion mistake?

That was probably getting something tailored and then picking it up without checking how it fit before wearing it. It had been horribly done where the jacket was too small, the pants were too big and I had no choice but to wear it because I’d travelled to an event out of town and had no other options. I had to pin and tape it and it was so uncomfortable and still didn’t look right.

Who are your style icons and why?

My style icon’s definitely Tom Ford. I love his precision, the simplicity of his style and the way in which he puts things together. So minimalist and basic but always looks good no matter what the occasion. My other icon is an age rather than a person, Sophiatown, which has always been something that’s inspired me. I think of my grandfather and how he would dress up every single day, or really dress up for church, or when going to the jazz club. I’ve always aspired to look like that.

What are the five items every stylish guy must own?

A pair of black oxford dress shoes, a pair of clean all-white sneakers, really good basic black or white T-shirts, tapered jeans and a tailored suit. Every single man should have one great tailored suit. It’s really just being as focused as possible on your basics, where the fit counts more than anything else.

How has your style evolved over the years?

It’s definitely matured a lot. My style’s a whole lot cleaner, a whole lot slicker and I’m a whole lot more decisive. I can now appreciate what my colours are, what shapes work for me, what fits make me most comfortable and what clothes will make me look my best. I’ve got a lot more minimal in my choices and focus on timeless pieces. When making new purchases I look for things that I’ll have for a long time and that are versatile. It’s no longer about trying to over complicate things or over-style anything, but finding what I know will work every single time. Stuff I feel comfortable in and with no pressure trying to look or be something that I’m not.

What would you spend R500, R5000 and R50 000 on?

I really appreciate high-quality fabrics and so I would spend R500 on a really nice T-shirt, R5000 on a great pair of shoes, really beautiful dress shoes, and then I would spend R50 000 on a Tom Ford tuxedo.

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