Save vs Spend: Transitional dresses

For the office, for a night out, and for the weekend

Shopping mid-season always brings up the same question: Should I be spending my money on things I need to wear next season or next week? The answer is transitional dresses. With versatile styles in colours you love, their use won’t expire once the temperature changes.


Office dresses are the easiest to take from season to season, because while outdoor temperatures bounce between extremes, your office temperature stays almost constant. Pair with a light formal jacket and you are good to go.


Stretch the versatility of a transitional dress by keeping it simple. This makes it easy to style with most of your wardrobe for any weather.


Occasion dresses need to be picked with a little less consideration for the season and a little more consideration for cost-per-wear — you can always throw on a faux fur coat in the cold.

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