Best Winter Dresses

Five dresses that can go from dusk 'til dawn without a yawn

Best Winter Dresses

Words + styling: Mandy Nash | Photographs: Sinjin Sullwald

Dresses are the best. No diggity. The quintessentially flattering silhouette makes it possible for so many different statements to be made, and then there's how much time it saves when you don’t have to mix and match separates. Slip into the style of your choice, and then use accessories to adapt for whatever occasion. Simple as. 

Anyone can wear a dress in summer, but in winter, your choice has to be a little more considered.

Superbalist has you covered, and The Way of Us has broken down the season’s best dresses into five key styles: the sweater dress, the knit dress, the velvet dress, the plissé dress and the bodycon.

Sweater for the go getter

Best Winter Dresses

The sweater dress does not need to scream "Gym life for life". Add a little elegance to it with a great coat and a pair of boots, and you’ve taken this garment from drab to weekend-approved. 

Lit in your knit

Best Winter Dresses

Typical story: you wake up, see a bunch of clouds and slip into your chunkiest knit dress, only for the clouds to part, and suddenly, you find yourself wrapped in heavy wool on the hottest of days. Good news is that your wintery go-to now comes in a thinner fabric that can be layered with ease. Transitioning from a chilly morning to a toasty afternoon just got simpler. 

Don’t shelve it, wear your velvet

Best Winter Dresses

A velvet dress is an undisputed night-out favourite, but it's recently made the leap to daytime staple, too. Dress it up with luxe-look accessories and heels or give it a street edge with your sneakers of the week and statement socks. Whichever way you wear it, velvet's sure to be a mainstay for season's to come, it's how you pair it that makes it fresh. 

It’s pay day in plissé

Best Winter Dresses

The plissé fabric was introduced to us in culotte form and it was loved so much that it went on to lend the same level of obsession-worthy drama to everything from tops to the slip dress. The fabric is easy on the eyes thanks to its iridescent, textured finish and is ideal for layering monochrome looks. Worn over a poloneck, it's a Superbalist staff favourite. 

The pros of bodycons

Best Winter Dresses

Baby, it's cold outside, but the dance floor is heating up. If your night promises as much excitement as a strobe light, then a bodycon dress is what you'll want to be wearing under your faux fur coat. 

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