The Edit: Siphiwe Mpye

The Noted Man shares his favourite Superbalist selects

Siphiwe Mpye

Having come into prominence as a young writer and editor at the dearly departed influential youth culture title Ymag, Siphiwe Mpye went on to become the founding editor of Africa’s first independent men’s lifestyle magazine, Bl!nk Magazine, and then served as Associate Editor of GQ South Africa for five years.

Today Siphiwe is an entrepreneur, editor, writer and creative director with 16 years in media, arts and communications. Along with his brand development and content consultancy, Random Window, Siphiwe is also a director at Livity Africa, an award-winning, purpose-driven digital youth content agency, as well as a director at The Matte Project, a beauty consultancy.

However it’s the work he’s doing over at his men’s digital portal, notedman.com, a much slower and more considered offering than most other online publishers, that’s added most significantly to the culture. Specifically the new new history series, where Siphiwe and his team retell historical accounts from an indigenous African perspective, exposing some of the myths that colonialism has written into the record.

"This was started pre-Helen Zille’s twitter trainwreck," says Siphiwe. "It's clear there is a need for what we call 'positive revisionist' history."

And then having given men advice for close to two decades, scroll down for Siphiwe's picks from Superbalist's Autumn/Winter drops and heed his advice for living a much more stylish life. 

Siphiwe Mpye

Siphiwe says that as men we're sometimes guilty of not always putting our best wingtips forward.

"I think if I am in any position to help others with their lifestyle, I would say it is because I have learned to inhabit the idea of ‘less is more’, whether it be clothing or any other possessions. Actually, no, I’d like to add that does not apply to records, books, magazines, art and chairs."

"I rotate utility, combat and chelsea boots in winter, and this example would do nicely. And the jacket is a staple that is unlikely to fade in popularity, as denim inevitably does."

Siphiwe Mpye

"I rotate a few white casual, formal and in-between shirts. Some men, usually the ones with a good physique, can get away with a buttoned up, crisp, pressed white shirt as their only armour at the fanciest of dos"

Siphiwe's essential style tip?

"My lifesavers have been all the tailors I have gone through in my lifetime."

Siphiwe Mpye

"Gingham has seen some seasons come and go but remains a strong casual/smart casual option. Last year I was much more casual at the office (black, white or grey t-shirts; grey, black or indigo jeans and monochrome sneakers), which is also how I dress on the weekend, because I shared a space with the younger folk at Livity Africa. I am a bit more grown up this year and wear more dark blazer, shirt and trouser combos, complemented by an assortment of pocket squares, cufflinks and ties. The cuts are all classic and well fitting, no frills."

Siphiwe Mpye

Not one to follow trends, he's instead learned to only decide months into a trend’s lifespan if it's ok for him to play around with it. Siphiwe prefers not to play and sticks to what works, which is...

"Monochrome and crisp, jeans shouldn’t be too slim, just relaxed and fitting."

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