The Mixtape Vol. 70

We countdown to the Braam Beach Party with Miss Melo B Jones

There is nothing better than good music and a good party to kick off Summer so rejoice - we are only seven weeks away from Braamfontein becoming a tropical paradise for the Virgin Mobile Braam Beach Party at Superbalist is In The City 2016. It's a hot lineup, from DJ Tira and Mr Boss Zonke Makhado to everyone's favourite girl-next-door Shekhinah Donnell and the Supa Mega himself. Boom Baptist Boitumelo "Melo B Jones" Mpye, whom you may recognise from X-Factor South Africa or maybe from her masterful acapella layering videos on Twitter, will also be taking the stage on the 8th of October. Press play and read about her stage name, her beatboxing skills, and what to expect come party time.

How did you get started in music? 


Music has always been a part of my life. It's hard to answer that when you're a singer because I actually don't know the exact moment I got into music. One of the biggest moments that built my career is getting to work with Crazy White Boy. The song was pretty big on the airwaves & it really made me realise that there must be a place for me in this industry. One thing I've learnt is that the music industry is tough, but it's worth it.


How would you describe your sound?


I make what I like to call Boom Bap Soul. It's a mix of traditional hip hop elements (like beats and flow) and mixing it with RnB, Soul and Jazz. It's a fusion that I haven't heard before, and something I'm rather proud of.


What's the story behind the name Melo B Jones? 


Melo is derived from my first name, Boitumelo. It's also indicative of the vibes that I make - mellow vibes. B is my initial; my signature. And Jones means a fixation or addiction on something. That's what I want my sound to be, addictive. It also just sounds cool together. (Lol)


What can we expect at SxITC Braam Beach Party?


You can expect a fresh sound and outlook. None of my peers is doing what I do and I'm very proud of that. There will be live elements like instrumentation, use of different software, looping equipment. It's gonna be a show!


Anything else?


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