More Fashion By Numbers

Hugh Upsher trawls the Google-verse to uncover some fiercely accurate fashion trends

By Hugh Upsher

After digging into the collective minds of the Google-verse to uncover some fiercely accurate fashion trends (Fashion By Numbers), I was left with a number of fascinating loose ends that needed tying up. You see, I uncovered a few juicy anomalies and decided that they were simply too good not to share with you. Here they are – a selection of bewildering highs and crushing lows from the past six years of Googling the fashion world.

Plus size and curvy

We are finally seeing the long-awaited acknowledgement of plus size body types in the fashion industry. People are catching onto the fact that fashion is not something that can only be appreciated and worn by girls with stick-thin figures. There is still progress to be made on this front, but the growing interest is a clear indication that perceptions are definitely changing, and that there's more of a diversification in fashion. 

Septum piercing

You’ll see these bullring-style nose piercings pop up in edgy fashion shoots and on waitresses working at Bree Street bars. Depending on your personal taste, you’ll either think, “why would someone do that to their face?” or, “I kind of like it, I wonder how she blows her nose?” Either way, judging by the doubling up of search volumes over the last six years, you’ll most likely be seeing more of these. 


I’m not sure what happened, but it appears that in November of 2015, the entire Western world desperately wanted to know what a bindi was. The curiousity was most likely linked to people wanting to know if it was ripe for cultural appropriation or not. The following dip suggests the answer was a resounding ‘NO’.

Ed Hardy

It’s not really fair to single out individual brands, but there isn’t much left for me to critique after a prolific seven-year topple from glory. Who knew that the combination of vintage tattoo designs on ill-fitting, bedazzled T-shirts wouldn’t stand the test of time? Well, I called it for sure. I can just see old Ed Hardy T-shirts turning up in charity shops over the coming decades, causing confusion among future generations.

Panel hats

Panel hats have shot up in popularity roughly six-fold from a position of relative obscurity six years ago. It’s grown to become the essential male accessory for anyone who is dying to earn himself an inch of street cred. Luckily, for you, the style doesn’t seem to be a flash-in-the-pan type of trend so it’ll be a worthwhile investment, unlike that trucker hat you still keep in the top of your closet.

Leather jogging pants

This blip of madness was all Kanye West’s fault. As with any wild thing that flies out of his mouth, the world became momentarily obsessed with the idea of leather jogging pants after Yeezy mentioned them during a now-notorious BBC interview. What are they exactly? What is their purpose in life? And can I wear them to my sister’s wedding? It seemed a little too good to be true, and they disappeared from people’s minds just as magically as they appeared. I believe the world is simply not ready to embrace leather jogging pants yet.

I hope this mixed bag of data gives you a small glimpse at the bizarre vibrations of people’s collective minds. Some trends build a slow momentum, while others boldly shoot up only to crash back down before you have the chance to order them online.