Pillow Walk

Superbalist stopped over in Senegal to show off our soft furnishings

By Charl Edwards

You would’ve noticed that Superbalist recently visited Dakar, Senegal where we produced a Wes Anderson-inspired fashion campaign. (What, you haven’t? Watch it now!) As one of the lucky few who made up the team who went west, and something of a scatter cushion fanatic, on my lay-days I decided to explore the streets of downtown Dakar with nothing but my wits, camera and some of my favourite scatter cushions at hand.

Armed with a travel bag reminiscent of the luggage from The Darjeeling Limited, I set about work as a guerilla street stylist – finding, and then filling, the empty chairs I discovered on the dusty street corners and curbs. The result is this photo essay that captures the colours, textures and scenes of the city, a candid, snapshot portrait of Dakar.

All featured cushions were designed, printed and manufactured locally, and sum up perfectly the energy and mood of coastal living in a city like Dakar. Playing a curious game of mix-and-match, I spent my days immersing myself in the unique street culture, often getting hopelessly lost – with the result that I now know the city inside out and can say with conviction that Dakar is leading the way in setting trends that will be picked up by the rest of the world.

Trends to watch out for are the tie-dye, indigo and dip-dye textiles that are a major theme in Senegal and neighbouring regions such as Mali and Mauritania, which are featuring big time in the world of decor right now. Shop our Tangier Marine cushion, our Deep Ocean cushion and our Waves cushion to get this look into your home and onto your couch. ("From Dakar to da couch" – can we make that a thing?)

Ultimately, Dakar is a city that was always going to win my heart, and having made some of the less cosy locations on my trip slightly more comfortable, with the help of a few of my favourite cushions, it was a fun way to soften the hardness and angularity of what is one of the warmest and most hospitable places I've ever been.