The Original Sibusiso Malete

This offbeat designer's style is bold and unapologetic

Words: Dylan Muhlenberg | Photographs: I See a Different You + Seth Zworestine

Back in high school when Sibusiso 'Buda' Malete used to compete in dance battles, him and the rest of his crew would hand stitch their 501s into skinny jeans.

The other crews laughed at first, probably because they didn't understand, but eventually they woke up and started to copy the look when skinny jeans became commercially available. Throughout all of this Buda has simply stayed in his lane and moved on to his next thing, watching his heels for whoever was about to nip at them next. 

It makes sense then that this emerging designer, who showcased at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and as far away as Rwanda, is now looking to take his brand Digital Fabricz to a place where those who like his style can buy it instead of biting it.

Age: 24

Vocation: Fashion Designer

Hood: Kibler Park

Social media handle: @buda4sure

Describe your original style.

What makes my style original is my approach to life – I embrace what makes me different. 

What have you put together here and why do you love it?

The basics – something I would wear every day.

Where would you wear this?

Downtown Jozi for fabric shopping or just to hang around with friends at Braam.

How many times a day do you change your outfit and why?

If I have an event I would change in the afternoon for the type of event I’m going to, but on the daily just once.

What’s your favourite emoji?

Praying hands.

What's the most embarrassing trend you've ever bought into?

Most embarrassing trend was the mohawk.

Which style icons do you follow on Instagram?

Pharrell Williams

What's the most important piece in your wardrobe?

My Doc Martens.

If you had to wear a uniform for the rest of your life what would it comprise of?

A vest and a baseball jacket.

Why do you think you're considered an original?

I am considered an original because I’m bold and not afraid to express myself in any form.