The Original Lethabo Motlatle

A stylist by trade, Lethabo puts together a street inspired look

Words: Dylan Muhlenberg | Photographs: I See A Different You and Bevan Davis

A stylist with a modern-futuristic approach to fashion, Lethabo Motlatle has a swagger that doesn’t come across as over confidence, and is instead knowledge of self. “I'm considered original because I wear what I want and make it look dope. I don't follow trends, and usually start my own trends because I'm a risk taker when it comes to style. It’s something I love doing.” Currently working on a series for the SABC as a junior wardrobe stylist, Lethabo lends his skills to individuals looking to borrow his swag and dresses the likes of Somizi and Amanda Du-Pont amongst others. Having found what he’s passionate about at an early age and deciding to get stuck in straight away, the future is bright, and a lot better looking, courtesy this young original.

Age: 21

Vocation: Stylist

Hood: Johustleburg

Social media handle: @LthiiZ

What have you put together here and why do you love it?

Levi's denim jacket x Grey Adidas Tubular x Grey Sergeant Pepper sweater x true blue Levi's jeans. I love it because of its simplicity in terms of colour coordination and it's very clean not too complicated or tacky.

Where would you wear this?

You could wear this look anywhere be it varsity, club, mall or even the office depending on your career of course.

Who would you want to see you wearing this?

I would want to see KO (South African Rapper) wearing this look. It would be perfect for a music video.

How many times a day do you change your outfit and why?

Because I'm a stylist and it's my job to work with clothes, I change about twice a day or three times if I'm having a bad day and I need to feel good with what I'm wearing. A bad outfit can ruin my day.

What’s your favourite emoji?

The Slay emoji 

What's the most embarrassing trend you've ever bought into?

I think it has to be the colourful skinny jean phase . When I look back at those old pictures I'm kinda embarrassed . Not so long ago I deleted all Facebook pictures from that era. 

Which style icons do you follow on Instagram?

Ian Connor, Jeremy Scott, Pharrell Williams, Nigoldeneye, Somizi Mhlongo (styled by me) and Amanda DuPont (styled by me).

What's the most important piece in your wardrobe?

The white T-shirt.

If you had to wear a uniform for the rest of your life what would it comprise of?

Staple uniform would be a white T-shirt , blue/black/grey Levi's slim fit ripped jean (ripped by ME), with Doc Martens or any Adidas sneaker.