The Mixtape Vol. 57

An eclectic hour long mix by the good people at The House of Machines

The hole in the wall on 84 Shortmarket Street is a lot of things to a lot of people, marrying a café with a bike shop with a retail outlet with a friendly neighbourhood bar where everyone knows your name. The reason why it’s almost always spilling out onto the street at night is because of the solid music offering where there’s something happening most nights and never any cover charge. The House also love a collaboration and did some pretty cool things with Red Bull a while back where their resident musicians would record limited edition EPs at the Red Bull Studios - artists that included Joshua Grierson, Mean Black Mamba and Original Swimming Party - which were then available to purchase at the venue. Then there was the recent Burgers & Hip-Hop event, a Berlin based initiative that The House put a local flavour on. But if you follow us on Snapchat you'd know this already. And then not forgetting their open mic nights and roster of familiar face laptop DJs. So it makes sense then that we asked THoM to make us a mixtape, and fortunately for us, and you, they delivered this wonderful hour long mix - ThoM, Dick and Harry, which is filled with everything, but we especially enjoyed the early noughties backpack hip-hop.

What's on this mix you've made for us, who made it and why does it reflect THoM?

This is a collaborative project combining looking into the sun blinding forces of Kim Terri Smith (The Designer), Bradley John Armitage (The Boss) and a douche named Farryl.

You guys are a lot of things to a lot of people, biker bar, cocktail emporium, friendly neighbourhood local... how does your music offering reflect this?

Like the contributions of the above individuals we like to think of our bar as the collaborative orgy love child of like minded people. You can’t really put your finger on it, kind of like that cat who will never catch the laser pointer. The scope of this playlist I think also captures the scope of the people who frequent our humble establishment.

If THoM was a band who would it be and why?

Belle & Sebastian & Brad & Kim & Farryl. No idea why. Just because.

You've got a few musos working for the brand, including the former drummer of Max Normal.TV, Farrel Purkiss and Andy Lund was there for a while, too. Who are we forgetting and why do you like to work with people that nobody else will employ?

We also have Dylan Hunt, the drummer of Pestroy and Van Coke Kartel on the team. It seems to be a common thread running in this business. No real reason as to why we are filling our artillery with musos. They follow orders, and keep time. Most of the time.

Your live music offering is pretty good, tell us what you got and when you've got it and the highlights to date. 

There have been too many highlights to mention. It’s a weird very unassuming  space to come and see a band. We don’t have a stage per se, just a carpet that’s the ‘designated band space’ because we want to keep our patrons and musicians at eye level at all times. It keeps it personal and puts the punters and bands on an equal playing field. If you don’t like what you’re hearing you can just reach out and poke them in the eye. We got live music Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Come see for yourself.

Open mic nights are cool. What's the most special moment you've witnessed at these free jams?

We’ve had a lot of people come in and pop their performance cherries at our open mic nights. It’s always special to see a moment like that. We encourage creativity and respect the balls it takes to show a room full of strangers what you’ve got, and with open mic nights you never know what you’re going to get. Also we have many friends of the house who are well known musicians who regularly jump on the mic if they’re feeling the itch.

You did a local version of the Berlin event - Burgers and Hip Hop. Can you tell us a bit more about this, please. 

Yeah that was super fun. We were approached by the franchise a few months ago to roll one out here in the mother city. Who doesn’t like a block party with burgers and live music? It was a no brainer, this city has so much to offer, and we have a lot of beer to offer, so we combined the two, threw in some burgers, a bit of hip hop and boom – block party. It was a massive success and we are definitely planning to roll out more events along the same lines in the future and fully utilise what this city has to offer.