The Mixtape Vol. 44

Grind through this skateboarding inspired mix by Adrian Day

Adrian Day is Mr. Skateboarding – he's been doing it since forever now. Between getting paid to skate and travel, he's also dabbled in several sideline skate businesses, the latest of which is running the oldest skate shop in South Africa, Baseline

“We only do products we are stoked about. We represent real skateboarding, not crossed over or diluted versions. It's also a home of sorts to some of SA's best dudes. It’s a family really.”

When he’s not spending time with his family or doing the type of stunt that we’ve used for the album art (shoutout Session Magazine and photographer Sam Clark), Adrian fronts local band Bilderberg Motel.

“We're doing stuff. There’s a new EP this week and then another full album hopefully not too far behind. It's always been a venting vehicle but now more so. Our sound has evolved a lot, or devolved. One of those.”

And then tell us about the mixtape you put together for us, what’s happening here?

“I just slammed shit together that resonates emotionally, for the most part. There's a lot of sadness, a lot of resentment, lost love, found hatred... Lies... just things I personally feel at the moment. A lot of the songs were swimming in my head anyway by default. So none of it sounds anything like the music I make but it is some of my favorite stuff. I think most of it has depth. A couple are just obscure songs, like the Firehose song - it was used on an old skate video, a Natas part around 87.”

Track List

Mission Of Burma - Trem Two

Guided By Voices - Game Of Pricks [7' Version]

Elliott Smith - Rose Parade

The Brian Jonestown Massacre - In My Life

New Model Army - 51st State

Johnny Thunders - Can't Put Your Arms Around A Memory

Firehose - Brave Captain

Old Canes - Face It

Pavement - Range Life

Beck - Asshole

Ataxia - Dust

Fugazi - Forensic Scene

Dinosaur Jr - Let it Ride

Sonic Youth - Sugar Kane

Nirvana - I Hate Myself and Want to Die

Shellac - Steady As She Goes