A Quick guide to New Year's Eve

What are you doing on the biggest night of the year?

By Hugh Upsher

The 31st of December is all about the expectations. By this point you should be hearing constant stream of people asking you “Hey, what are your plans for New Year's?” The same people will ask you multiple times and you’ll never have the right answer.

Someone will suggest ‘doing a thing’ at their place, but then not really commit to it when interrogated. You’ll know of a big party but you won’t be sure if anyone you give a shit about will show face, or the entrance fee will put you off entirely. The problem is, you have to do something. Otherwise you run a serious risk of someone calling you lame after you’ve explained to him or her how your night was spent watching season one of Game of Thrones again. No one needs that.

Ideally you would want to be out of town, where your only option is to party with whomever is in your immediate vicinity at the one location where drinks are served. It’s the kind of situation where you can gain comfort in the knowledge that even if there were better parties going on, there is no way you could possibly get to them. Having options can become your worst enemy, especially if you are the go with the flow type who avoids making your own decisions like the plague.

A popular option amongst the single-and-ready-to-mingle crowd and the clinically insane is going to the club. This choice is ambitious and stupid in equal measure due to the logistical nightmare that is clubbing on New Year's Eve. Expect much pavement discussion over where the best place to be is, as well as paying multiple entrance fees so that each of you can take turns proving each other wrong.

If this is the path you’ve chosen, mentally prepare yourself for the fact that either your wallet or cell phone, (or both) will disappear at some point in the night. Consider leaving your almost completed Kauai loyalty card on your bedside table before going out to avoid complete heartbreak.

You’ll be happy to see that a Facebook friend of yours has organised a chilled house party that you cracked an invite to even though you never really speak to them in public. This will be a safe option with minimal risk or effort involved. You’ll fit right in as long as you don’t sneak into their parent’s pantry at any point to accidently eat their secret stash of biltong and peanut butter. No regrets.

There’s always a chance you’ll be down to the day before New Year's Eve and still be in a non-committed limbo. Do not fear. As I said earlier, the night is all about expectations, so just turn that dial way down. When you anticipate that the night will be a drag, there is nothing to lose! Hang out with a couple of people that you never get tired of. You’ll have the whole evening to come up with interesting ways to embellish a far more entertaining version of events.