#OOTW - Festive

'Tis the season to be festive so dress the part, pal

By Eckart Mostert and Nick Gordon

There's no need to festoon yourself to Xmas tree proportions. You don't need to wear all the snowflakes, reindeer, glitter and tinsel in order to celebrate our favourite holiday of the year. Here's how to to get jollied up without becoming the sartorial equivalent of a stupid paper hat.

- Stream a Boney M. compilation.

- Pour a glass of mulled wine.

- Pick a colour palette of either: red and white, red and green or red, white and green.

- Put together an outfit that's inoffensive when making polite small talk with extended family, but when worn to the after party will be as if the ceiling is made from mistletoe. 

- Ensure that your pants are a size bigger than the ones you'd usually wear because if you're going to Xmas then you need to Xmas hard and that means eating all the gammon, turkey, Turducken and trimmings. 


The ultimate on-trend addition to your streetwear style is also appropriate Xmas day gear thanks to the green peak. The 2Bop Skoolboyz Snapback is the perfect foil to an ironic Xmas sweater. Wearing reindeer antlers on top of it is optional. 


The best kind of Xmas stocking. These ones by Stance have been constructed from high-quality materials and will bring some athletic-inspired flair to your ensemble. 


A classic green crewneck T-shirt is the perfect alternative for the type of guy who can’t bring himself to wear red. 


You don’t have to be an Italian playboy to wear red trousers, and while we don’t expect you to replace your beloved denims with these, they are the perfect pants for Xmas.


A quick release belt for when the Xmas feast starts to show at your midsection goes without saying. And if you'd rather keep everything under control then this belt is strong enough to hold that food baby back. 


Because how else are you going to haul all of your swag back from mom and dad’s house? The Herschel Supply Co. features an internal media pocket, leather zipper pulls and is fully line with the brand’s custom-printed fabric.


The Winston watch features a Japanese quartz movement, a brushed steel silver metal case, stainless steel back and a fabric wristband in a festive print.


If you’re anything like us then you like to celebrate December 25th at the beach. Someday swim shorts have a sick camo pattern and feel soft to the touch. The elasticised band allows for improved movement and is, again, rather forgiving if you overdid the Xmas Eve meal.


If you absolutely have to do an all-over print seasonal sweater then why not give Rudolph a rest and don this Snoopy Sweater by Criminal Damage instead? 


A comfortable slice of retro for the modern age. The Kangaroos Combat sneakers look as good kicked up on the lounge coffee table as they do propped on a rail at your favourite beach bar. 


The Ben Sherman Harrington jacket is the quintessential style of British youth, and it’s as wonderfully minimalist as it is effortlessly cool. It’s up to you how you complete the look – go understated in a white T-shirt and chinos or amp things up with some more red underneath.


The Ben Sherman long-sleeve shirt will help you to put a spin on dapper dressing throughout the year. And bonus, when you don this cheerful checked print complete with miniature umbrellas on Xmas Day, people won't even expect a present from you – just basking in your good tidings will be the only gift they need.