Fine and Dandy

High meets low for the style leader who clashes dress codes with gusto

Photography: Michael Love | Styling: Gavin Mikey Collins

Clothing is armour, and there’s a certain kind of rebellious attitude that a man puts on when he wears clothing that someone basic might refer to as “different”. Putting a modern spin on smart casual, the aesthetic here is a one-fingered salute to convention and an alternative take on classic style. While this should help the man wearing it to stand out from the rest, do not confuse it with peacocking, if you want attention buy a dog, because this has much more to do with finding heaven in the details. (Like those 80s-style graphics our boys have festooned their feature with!) So remember – pay extra attention to your socks, and nice kicks go without saying. By focusing on cut and fit, you’re going for a tailored look after all, you should then aim to keep colours neutral. This could be your first step in slowly building yourself a bulletproof wardrobe where everything not only works together, but also has the ability to take you anywhere. This careful curation of texture and colour, with a pop in the sneaker and sock departments, culminates in the type of outfit that should always get documented with a #TodayImWearing hashtag.

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Slim cut

Get in shape and then focus on clothing that fits right. If you love something that doesn’t quite have the silhouette that you’d like then find a tailor.


A neutral tone is important and if you keep investing in the same tones you’ll have a very interchangeable selection to make outfits from.

New shoes

The pristine white sneaker is a thing now, and even the pair you wear every other day needs to look box fresh. White sneakers go with everything and you should opt for a pair in a classic style – Stan Smiths, Air Max 1, Chuck Taylors, Vans Authentics... Sneaker cleaning products will help you when you can’t splurge on new kicks.


Remember, the man wears the clothes, the clothes should never wear the man, and so it’s up to you to carry this look off properly. Shoulders back, chin up and then channel Richard Ashcroft walking down the street in Bittersweet Symphony for the ultimate in Do-You-Think-I-Care air.