Sarah And Katya Go 90s

Best friends Sarah and Katya hit the beach- 90s style!

Words: Philippa Crooks | Photography: Bevan Davis | Styling: Mira Leibowitz

Like an R&B girl group from the 90s, Sarah & Katya think it’s totally cool to dress almost exactly, but not quite the same as your best friend. As wardrobe twins, they have a lot of the same clothing items (because that’s only fair), but wouldn’t be embarrassed if they showed up to a party in variations of the same outfit. As Sarah puts it, “True friends are unashamed to look the same”.

Katya and Sarah, the winners of our #Contagious Instagram competition, may at first seem like an unlikely pair; Sarah is the modest mouse, and Katya (a.k.a Kat) is the bubbly blonde. But like Baby and Ginger Spice, their contrasting characters are what make them work well together.

Katya recalls how she and her bestie first met about a year ago at Spur, where Sarah was waiting tables. “Why am I the waiter?” interjects Sarah. So, it turns out that the Spur part of the story wasn’t strictly factual, but since their first encounter they have been inseparable wardrobe buddies.

When asked what they have in common, Kat and Sarah admitted that they differ in most ways except for their love for Taylor Swift and their choice in clothing. Conveniently, they also have completely different tastes in boys, but are almost identical when it comes to style preference. “She copies me!” Kat teases. Sarah explains that they like to get fashion ideas from each other, and even though they have the same general aesthetic, the way they style their individual looks are quite different.

“Sarah is way more classy”, says Kat, “She’s into blazers, and actually wearing shoes”. Sarah explains that she’s a little less “out there” than Kat, and is more into classic items and neutrals. Kat says she goes for comfort, and used to be really into kids-style clothes, “like sequins and batman leggings”, but has toned down a bit now that she has an office job. Kat is studying architecture and is currently interning at an architecture firm, and Sarah is studying English and Psychology at UCT.

Sarah and Katya’s sense of style is undoubtedly rooted in the fact that they are 90s babies, but they don’t discriminate- other eras were cool too. Pull out that photo album that you once hid out of embarrassment, and you will probably find that you were actually a really trendy kid, and you will wish your mum had never thrown out those jeans from the 70s.

The girls hit the beach in matchy-matchy playsuits and chunky sandals (lifeguard on standby- Baywatch alert!). The Baby Spice pigtails and fountain-pony are a must-do hairdo if you’re going for a 90s look.

Back in the day they didn’t have smartphones or Instagram, but I’m pretty sure selfies still went down! You just had to wait until the film was developed to see if you got your bestie in the frame. But never fear, my dear! With this wide-angle, fisheye lens, your’e sure to capture the whole scene- retro style.

And that oversized beachball? Anyone up for some beach volleyball?

Twinning to the max in bucket hats and sparkley one-pieces. This look is so Baywatch meets 90s gangsta rap music video. All that’s missing is a boombox blasting TLC-No Scrubs.

Time for a cool off! Loving the matching high waisted bikinis with the vibrant summery print.

If this shot was a mood ring, it would mean ‘summer bliss’. Leave your Tamagotchi at home with your baby sister, no worries while the sun is shining.

Sarah and Kat recommend lilos like these for Up The Creek (a down to earth local South African music festival). Catch these cuties there, and don’t forget your inflatable doughnut! #comeplay

Summer holidays are finally here, and what better way to spend the day than at the seaside with your best bud. Now that Sarah and Katya have shown you how, its time to hit the beach- 90s style!

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